Dr.Liu Lab: Bio Nanomechanics, LU





RA/TA positions for PhD students (BME or ME)

Research or teaching assistantships/scholarships are available for Ph.D. students in Biomechanics/Microfluidics/Nanotechnology at Lehigh University. The students are expected to have a good education and research background in either experimental microfluidics/nanomechanics/bioengineering or numerical modeling. The student will use combined experimental and numerical methods to study biophysical phenomena in cells and biomolecules and micro/nanofluidic problems in MEMS/NEMS, from continuum to nanoscale. Students familiar with microfabrication, cellular/molecular biology, surface functionalization, fluid/solid mechanics and atomistic simulation are highly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in positions above, please contact Dr. Liu at yal310@lehigh.edu. Please email your CV along with a cover letter expressing your background and research interests.






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