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ISRPPA 2008 Symposium on Paranormal Archaeology

Well, it is finally over, after weeks of working around the clock, but what a success!! ISRPPA hosted our first ever paranormal archaeological symposium, in partnership with the MCT-AATR. For three days respected scholars, many of them leaders in the field, came to London and presented papers on various aspects of extraterrestrial and paranormal archaeology. We heard about Portuguese floating tablets, the Ica Stones, Pre-WWII teleportation vessel artifacts, the giant stone balls of Costa Rica, and everything from out-of-place (OOP) objects to ancient space travel right here in Europe.


We were delighted at the success of the symposium. It attracted more than thirty archaeologists and a lot of interested members of the public. Some individuals drove from neighboring states to see what it was archaeologists had to say. It was a really great mix of professionals, avocationals, and other folks.

You don't need a laser pointer if you are as tall as Dr. Ken Hill!


Keep checking this Website for information on the date and location of next year's symposium.