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The ISRPPA is a non-profit organization comprised of archaeologists, paleontologists, students and scholars, and people like you who share a genuine interest and desire to learn more about and preserve the paranormal artifacts of the world. To become a member of our community, or to learn more, please contact us directly..




Welcome to the official online home of the ISRPPA - Bringing Together Diverse Pieces of the Ancient Paranormal Puzzle

ISRPPA Mission Statement

Our Mission:
- To find, research, and preserve evidence of paranormal objects and artifacts in a manner that supports their study by amateur and professional scholars and to educate the public about the significance.

Our Vision:
- To create a repository of these artifacts and published research that supports the investigation of uncovered artifacts with unexplainable origins, unexplainable purpose, and/or paranormal qualities.
- To create a web site and educational materials that present the emerging thinking about these artifacts.

Our goals:
- A prominent goal is to raise the funds for locating and purchase of one of the most important objects in the field of paranormal archaeology - the Eye Of Tyr - and to house it in a facility that protects the discovery while allowing scientists, paranormal investigators, and other scholars to study it extensively.
- To create and implement a model of operation that will financially support our mission and be designed to be sustainable for decades. To create a database of artifacts, and a safe repository to protect them, and for researchers to access and study.