Mery Family Scouting

We are members and leaders (AAAGGG!!). Linda was highly successful leader of Senior Troop 886 (previously Junior Girl Scout Troop 977 and all the younger ages). Wayne was Scoutmster of Troop 242 - 2002-2005. District Chairman 1998-2003 of North Valley. Prior to that, District Finance Chairman (fundraising) for 4 years.

We are members of Troop 242 (before that Pack 242) of the great North Valley District of eastern PA's Minsi Trails Council

Troop Committee Challenge training presentation

Check out these totally awesome Pack 242 Father & Son Bakeoff cakes:
  • Pack 242 checkerboard, football field, horse race track, space shuttle
  • (clockwise from top left) fancy cupcakes and angelfood, Tiger Cubs BSA tower (and the chef?), football, unkown, strawberry shortcake, pizza with all the toppings, campsite, pool table, checkerboard
  • fishing enthusiast with "the big one"
  • gumdrop castle
  • (puzzler) read the placqard, then check the face (mouth and eyes)
  • our second career winner, with the strawberry shortcake masterpiece
  • the competition (i.e. the other winners)
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    Thanks for coming (none)!

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