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Wayne Mery ( wrote:

Hi all!       This is an example guestbook entry.

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Example WWW links to my personal home page and the WAVV home page. -- 04/17/95

Glenn Mitchell ( ) wrote:
Glad to see this resource out here for the VSE community. I've been a participant on and HP-3000 list for quite some time and it has proven invaluable. Hope this is as useful. -- 05/04/95

Kevin Corkery ( wrote:
Hi Wayne...Got your page URL from Nascom...Looks neat! -- 05/09/95

Bennie Pugh ( wrote:
Thanks Wayne I am now on Internet and look forward to using some of these things. Bennie -- 05/09/95

John Chase ( wrote:
SysProg, VM/ESA VSE/ESA OS/2 -- 05/12/95

Musi Katz, automated banking services , ISRAEL ( wrote:
glad to find the vse on the internet ! -- 05/14/95

Rolls Royce Canada Limited ( wrote:
Hi, My name is Ed Tomlinson. I am currently trying to get VSE/ESA 1.3.5 working on our system. It is in test but we keep encountering problems with CA stuff and have also come accross some DL/1 and Natural glitches. We have been working for almost a year and a half. Production is vse/sp at 1.3.5 (old). Our system supports over 400 terminals, our CICSes process over 230,000 transactions per day (counting all parts of a MRO transaction as one transaction). We are heavly into DL/I. We also run VM/ESA 1.1 on a 9121 (63 mip beast) -- 05/26/95

Dave Brogan, Southwestern/Great American, Inc. ( wrote:
Hi, Wayne. VSE rules!!! -- 06/15/95

Ann Storey Operations Lehigh University ( wrote:
Hi Wayne Just taking a peek at your home page! -- 07/07/95

Paul Asay, Indiana State University ( ) wrote:
Nice Web Page Wayne! -- 07/17/95

Chuck Ehrmeyer S&C Electric ( ) wrote:
Great Job Wayne !!!!!! -- 07/24/95

Gilson Vidal GSUSA New York City (GVIDAL@UNIX.GSUSA.ORG ) wrote:
It is nice to know there is some up to date VSE people ou there. Your page is great. Keep it up !!! -- 07/27/95

Pat Talley Altec Industries, Inc. 210 Inverness Center Drive Birmingham AL 35242 ( wrote:
Hi Wayne, just browsing through -- 08/11/95

Nigel Davies, Senior Systems Engineer VM and VSE, Mid Glamorgan County Council, U.K. ( (preferred)) wrote:
It's great to finally get here. Until now (right now!) I've only been able to enjoy "access" to the Internet via IBMMAIL and IBM's Mail Exchange Internet Gateway. Now, I've conned the management ;-) into forking out for my own internet connection package. It's still all "novelty value" so far, but I'm getting there. It's nice to see all the name's I've become familiar with using my email access, like Wayne S Merry, Leo Langevin, etc. -- 08/11/95

Ken Maney HRB Systems, Inc. State College, PA. 16804-0060 ( ) wrote:
Wayne, great list! I review it everyday. -- 08/18/95

T Nigel Davies, Senior Systems Engineer VM/VSE, Mid Glamorgan County Council I.T. Services Division South Wales, U.K. ( wrote:
I'm here at last! I've been keeping up with list list via e-mail only for ages. Now I've finally got "real" internet access I just HAD to drop by. Cheers. Nigel. -- 08/19/95

Barry Denyer, Macro 4 ( wrote:
Macro 4 plc's home page contains details of a host of VSE system software products. -- 08/23/95

Gary Walker @ OpenConnect Systems ( wrote:
Hi Wayne, I just got new ISP, and am trying your links first. Pretty new to the WWW, experimenting with navigation. Gary Walker - - OpenConnect Systems -- 08/26/95

James M. Caldwell, Siemens, Wendell, NC ( ) wrote:
Wayne How is everything. I hope to see you in Winston/Salem in OCT. Jim Caldwell Siemens 919-365-2289 -- 09/02/95

Asher Genachowsk, Sys. Programer, ISRAEL ( wrote:
"The DOS is dead!" B. Gates 24/08/95 you welcome visit my private home page -- 09/03/95

David M. Osborne Generic Systems, Inc. 2123 Mango Place Jacksonville.Florida 32207 (904)-396-7233 -- 09/13/95

Arney Computer Systems ( ) wrote:
Hey, Wayne, you have got this VSE page looking very nice. I stopped by to check out the WAVV information. Thanks for making all of this available. Chuck Arney -- 09/14/95

Willem Clements, Caja Rural de Granada, Granada, Spain ( ) wrote:
Hi there, Glad to know that VSE is still alive and kicking. -- 09/14/95

Paul Epstein, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY 11530 (PDEPSTE@IBM.NET ) wrote:
Hello - My background is I was an IBM'er fro 16 years before getting the boot in 1994. I was a PSR then an SE supporting VM & VSE. I am now a systems programmer for NCC. I enjoy corresponding with other VSE Folks..... -- 09/21/95

Paul Saunders Mobile Gas Service Corp. 2828 Dauphin St Mobile, Al 36606 (334) 450-4723 ( ) wrote:
VM/VSE Sysprog from 1970. Been there, seen it, done it, won't do it again. Too much new stuff to try. -- 09/27/95

Novell Inc., Orem Utah ( wrote:
I used to be a VSE/ESA Systems Programmer. I'm still soemwaht interested in the directions IBM is taking VSE/ESA -- 10/09/95

George Wilcox, IBM, Gainesville, Fl (USA) GO GATORS ( or wrote:
Hello, My name is George Wilcox. I work for IBM in the North Florida (USA) area. I have been reading (and enjoying) comments made in the VSE-L forum (digest). Yesterday, I received msgs that really infuriated me. These concerned recipes and papers for sale. Can you possibly send out a message that this forum is for VSE discussions -- not junk sales, etc? Thanks. -- 10/11/95

 Greg Dunkel CIS/City University of New York 555 W. 57th St, NY NY ( wrote:
good looking guestbook to go along with interesting & useful discussion group. Dropped by for info on WAVV conference, a little late but hopefully not too. -- 10/11/95

Lannis Roberts, OpenConnect Systems, Dallas, TX ( ) wrote:
Hi, Wayne. I'm new on the net and just subscribed to vse-l. Thanks. -- 10/12/95

Daniel Wong, IBM Hong Kong ( wrote:
NEAT!! Happy to see VSE has its own page. -- 10/17/95

Jonathan Waters Datamaxx Applied Technologies Tallahassee, Florida ( ) wrote:
Jonathan Waters, Tallahassee, Fl Datamaxx Applied Technologies, Inc mail = (904) 668-9640 (h), (904) 575-1023 (b) (904) 575-0689 (f) Many, many years of IBM ( and other) operating systems experience. Love to swap stories -- I remember the sticky switches on the 360-50's, select locks on 2314's, etc .. -- 10/22/95

Larry Moore, Hamilton County, Chatt. TN.
Larry Moore, Hamilton County Government, Chattanooga, TN Good looking page, hope to see you in Winston Salem on Saturday at the WAVE meeting. -- 10/24/95

Bob Rudolph Baltimore County Public Schools - DSS/IMS 1940G Greenspring Drive Lutherville, MD 21093 (410) 887-4266x461
Greetings from the Radisson Marque in Winston-Salem. I reach you right now via Prodigy - expect to have my InterNet connection before long at home, and my employer is supposed to start a WED site for education resources. When all else fails, my FidoNet address is 1:261/628.0@FidoNet, and there is a way to send internet stuff there, although I don't know what it is. Glad to have seen you here and glad to find this home page stuff working so well. Thanks for all your effort. -- 10/31/95

Loek Geraedts MEGA-Limburg (The Netherlands) ( wrote:
Perfect, I just subsribed to VSE-L. Thanks. -- 11/09/95

Darold Lowe, Standard Steel- Burnham, PA ( ) wrote:
You have a great list and a nice WWW home page. Just recently got access via a local Internet provider. Until now I've been getting only E-mail via a local BBS where from where I had SUBSCRIBEd to VSE-L. Keep up the great work! -- 11/15/95

Steve Castle, CA Africa, Johannesburg - South Africa ( ) wrote:
No Home Page as yet... -- 11/21/95

Frank Yaeger, IBM/SSD in San Jose, California ( ) wrote:
Hi, I'm a developer for IBM's Sort Products and we've just added Web sites for our VSE, MVS and AIX products. This was my first experience as a "Web Author" so I hope you like our pages. Please come visit us using these links:
SMARTsort for Workstations -- 11/25/95

Helmar B. Herman, Bottomline Technolgies 155 Fleet street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 ( wrote:
I was a VSE/VM systems programmer for over 20 years (my release of DOS was release 16!) Now, however, I play with a mouse all day. Many of our customers, however, need to talk to me about connectivity issues between their mainframe and our PC based software. My interests are primarily in these connectivity issues. -- 11/26/95

Robert A. Rudolph Baltimore County Public Schools 1940G Greenspring Drive Lutherville, MD 21093 (410) 887-4266 x 461 ( wrote:
Bob Rudolph, Systems Programmer (VM/VSE) My home page Caught the bug myself - home page is in flux, but getting there. -- 12/28/95

Software Pursuits, Inc. 1420 Harbor Bay Parkway - Suite 200 Alameda, CA 94501 USA ( ) wrote:
Software Pursuits, Inc. -- 02/08/96

Nick Harris, American-Amicable Life, Waco, TX. ( wrote:
Hi All. I am new to the Internet and was real excited to find Mainframe discussion groups available. Thanks Wayne and to all of you out there in advance to my many questions. We are running VSE/ESA 1.2.2 under VM/ESA 1.2.2 (VM is new to me within the last month) and are just starting to install VSE/ESA 2.1.1. We got VM to aid in the migration and plan to keep it for future business reasons. -- 02/13/96

Joseph H. Stelling, Software Pursuits, 1420 Harbor Bay Parkway, alameda, CA 95401 ( ) wrote:
I just added your site to the list of sites that can be accessed from our site. Nice job....thx -- 02/20/96

Martin Hughes, Vulcan Technologies, Inc, Redwood City, California ( ) wrote:
Great facility. Hey, we need to really get the word out about VSE-L and get EVERY VSE site worldwide to join it. I get so much useful information from it every day I don't know how I ever lived without it! -- 02/29/96

Stephen Rifkin, plan-b, NYC ( wrote:
Hello, looks like a great site ! -- 03/15/96

Silvano Prez Davids (SA) Ltd Adelaide, South Australia, Australia ( wrote:
* -- 03/27/96

Clyde Mann, Wake County Information Services, Raleigh, N.C. ( wrote:
-- 04/01/96

Wayne E. Baldwin, Balford Farms ( wrote:
Hi Wayne!, Wayne( also) here. Well I'm stopping by your page as I promissed. Tell me, are you a student, or part of the staff at Lehigh? The reason I ask... our company supplies your school with milk. I have created a program that allows your dietary to order VIA PC, and will be installing the software there within the next year (once I get a better handle on my current mainframe migration. Id like to visit your data center when I finally get up there, if guests are welcome? Thanks! -- 04/01/96

Bernd W. Neumann (:bwnewman.) debis Systemhaus GmbH, Computer Communication Services, File Transfer Competence Center Stuttgart, Germany (right next to the Black Forest...) ( wrote:
Hi, everybody. Finally got upgraded to Explore the Web (after being on the VSE list for quite awhile already). Great homepage, nearly challenges me to swap from the VSE-L digests to checking online... -- 04/11/96

Oklahoma City Community College ( or wrote:
Oklahoma City Community College -- 04/23/96

Steve H. Mondy, BISYS Inc., Houston TX ( ) wrote:
It looks like there is a lot of useful information for VSEers on these pages. -- 04/30/96

Ron Campbell - IBM Canada, IBM Support Center, VSE/ESA Support ( wrote:
Good day from the Great White North, the home of VSE in Canada, the IBM support Center in Toronto. Something rare these old IBMer. I was trained on DOS Release 26! Does anyone remember DOS with 3 partitions and a supervisor dump that was only 4 or 5 pages! Anyone need a 557 fixed? Anyone remember what a 557 was? Very nice VSE site on the Internet, keep up the good work... -- 05/13/96

Michael Orr, Sr. Systems Engineer Norfolk Public Schools, Norfolk, VA ( wrote:
Nice page Nice Idea -- 05/31/96

George Stefek, COUNCIL Systems, Vienna ( ) wrote:
Hi Wayne, You do a great job for the system people community. How many hours has your day ?
[Not nearly enough I can assure you. After investing many hours in a kayak course two years ago (which I thoroughly enjoyed), my kayak has yet to see open water! Until that day, I'm just dreaming of smacking into great whitewater s/Wayne]
Best regards from Vienna The /390 System People (coundcard recommended) -- 06/05/96

Zia Partovi University of Oklahoma Libraries Norman, OK ( wrote:
University of Oklahoma Libraries -- 06/05/96

Jerry Seefeldt NaSPA ( wrote:
Hello Wayne, Jerry from NaSPA here... Enjoyed checking out your work; because I am "Intuitive impaired" I can only marvel at the creative work you guys do. Thanks for the link to NaSPA -- much appreciated. I would like to once again offer WAVV the opportunity to use the pages of Tech Support to promote their conference. Green Bay is "in our back yard" (we're in Milwaukee) and I would personally like to work with WAVV to promote the conference. We have VM and VSE columns every month and we can list your information FREE of Charge. Please let me know how we can help. I can be reached at Thanks! Jerry Seefeldt -- 06/17/96

G. P. "Bo" Goersch Communications Data Group 102 S. Duncan Rd. Champaign, IL 61824 ( wrote:
net66 may be a.k.a'ed as cdg-hargray -- 07/24/96

Payton Waltrip Mckinney, Texas ( wrote:
I am from mckinney Texas and I want to trade council patches or buy one any info e-mail me at thanks -- 07/25/96

Chuck Arney Arney Computer Systems Dallas, Texas ( ) wrote:
Great job Wayne! -- 07/25/96

Phil Lunder IntelliWare Systems, Inc. ( ) wrote:
I've been working with VSE and its predecessors since '69 and we finally have a forum all to ourselves. This is great. Hey, everybody, let's keep up interest in VSE and fight the corporate urge to go "client/server." We all need to constantly remind the executive suite of the value of mainframes. This shouldn't be an either/or proposition. -- 08/07/96

Bill Flaherty SAN FRANCISCO Public Utilities ( ) wrote:
I enjoyed your mail. WAVV should have a meeting in SF in March 97 at the VM Conference. -- 08/27/96

dani raveh tel-aviv municipality israel ( ) wrote:
i think this disc.list is very important and is very very helpfull , i like the cooperativity of all members in the group, good job -- 09/18/96

Merrie Schnell, Compuware Corporation, Systems Software Division, 31440 Northwestern Hwy, Farmington Hills, MI 48334-2564 ( wrote:
Wayne, This has been my first trip to your web page and I must say I think this is a tremendous resource. I am a VSE Sales Professional @ Compuware Corporation and I am always looking for anything and everything that interests or concerns my clients and friends in the VSE user community. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful web page! I will be visiting it frequently. Merrie Schnell VSE Product Representative Compuware Corporation, Farmington Hills, MI 1-800-521-9353 x8030 -- 09/23/96

John D. Dakos Lakeland Community College ( wrote:
NICE! NICE! NICE! -- 09/24/96

Alan Pittman SPx Jackson 1610 Executive Drive Jackson, MI 49203-3469 ( wrote:
Checked out info on vse-l and WAVV. Looks really good. I wish I could convince my company to spend the money to set up a Web Page. -- 09/24/96

Alex Ostapenko, UNIX Turbofan (versus Propeller-head) PP&L, Allentown, PA ( ) wrote:
Nice home page. Sorry, I don't do VSE; but, if there's anything UNIX... -- 09/25/96

Greg Lee VSE Systems Development Computer Assoc., Inc. (gregly@VDot.Net ) wrote:
I have been monitoring VSE-L since Jan., great site. A lot of good information and comments from everyone in the VSE community. -- 10/06/96

Raul FLIMAN. Enterprise systems consultant. PoB 3367 SAVYON 56540, ISRAEL. ( ) wrote:
Good job Wayne! Like your page and appreciate the knowledge from the gang. I was a VM/VSE systems engineer for IBM for 12 years. I'm an independant Enterprise Systems Consultant now. Know VM/VSE , like to organize things , will travel. -- 10/10/96

John Messano, McGraw-Hill Companies CEC (National Radio Institute), Washington DC ( ) wrote:
Got your home page information from the WAVV conference this past week.I will be interested in getting information on VM and VSE. -- 10/30/96

Terry Spaulding Massachusetts Medical Society 1440 Main St. Waltham Ma. 02154 ( wrote:
My first visit to this site. Not sure if my email is setup correctly. I am using Warp 4.0 with Netscape beta 2.02 -- 10/30/96

Dave Astemborski Humana Insurance dba Managed Prescription Serivce St. Louis, MO ( ) wrote:
Wayne, This is my first time on your Home Page. Great work. Looking forward to the WAVV Requirement Status updates. Enjoyed WAVV and do suggest to all VSE/VM professionals that WAVV is a conference must yearly. The Conference is very cost effective and a VM/VSE systems programmer's way to keep a breast of trends and current information on VSE & VM. -- 11/19/96

Brenden Takai ( E-mail to: wrote:
Aloha from Cub Scout Pack 201 from Honolulu, Hawaii has just activated a guest book on it's home page. Please stop by and sign our guest book at Mahalo... -- 11/20/96

Richard Barrow, J B Were & Son, Melbourne, Australia ( wrote:
J B Were & Son -- 12/11/96

Miron Kovalsky Migdal insurance company. Israel ( ) wrote:
Wondeful job. I am very hapy to join this professional group. -- 12/17/96

MC Consulting Company, Inc., 1063 Belmont Street, Watertown, MA 02172 ( wrote:
Hey - Great web page! Glad I could be the first to still cheer on VM in 1997!! Keep up the good work! -Michael Coffin, President (Proud VM Bigot) MC Consulting Company, Inc. 1063 Belmont Street Watertown, Massachusetts 02172 -- 01/02/97

Farwest Steel Corporation ( wrote:
Rich Locus, Systems Programmer and Administrator, Farwest Steel Corp Hello Wayne and all you VSE-see-ers. We're in the middle of all kinds of upgrades and network interfaces to our mainframe. VSE/ESA 2.1 here I come. Goodbye 1.3.6. -- 01/08/97

Steve Lapthorn, DGA Ltd, London UK, +44 171 490 2266 ( ) wrote:
Hi, DGA develops email and data links to VM using our NJE link if you are trying to link CMS (sendfile) or OV/VM to Lotus Notes, cc:Mail or a LAN then please drop a note to me or drop into "DGA's VM link to Notes & cc:Mail". Cheers! -- 01/10/97

Jim Stachowiak - Moen Inc. N.Olmsted Ohio 23500 Al Moen Drive N.Olmsted, Ohio 44070 1-800-321-8809 x4287 (WRVUG President ) wrote:
The Western Reserve VSE User Group - Cleveland Ohio -- 01/13/97

Cheah Hin Weng Sr. Asst Manager Infor Tech Division Sony Electronics(M) Sdn Bhd Prai Free Trade Zone Penang,Malaysia ( wrote:
You have a wonderful site dedicated to VSE users. Pls keep up the good work. Our company in Malaysia and five other sister companies are using VSE/ESA 1.3.x. I need information on VSE/ESA V2.x regarding the stability of the O/S. Can anybody help -- 02/26/97

Brian R. Tusler Martin Marietta Materials Raleigh, NC 27607 (, ) wrote:
Keep up the good work! -- 03/16/97

Allan Sperber Jetro Cash & Carry Flushing NY ( wrote:
Enjoy vse-l very much. Keep up the good work. -- 03/28/97

Hans J. Siemensma, debis IT Services Benelux, The Netherlands. ( AND/OR wrote:
A great thing such a discussion list, I've seen a few things which were very useful. Keep up the good work. -- 05/02/97

Honda of America Mfg. Inc. Marysville, Ohio 43040 Mark A. Hildebrand ( wrote:
Does anyone have a program (ucbscan) for the 4 digit unit address number. I had a "SHARE" copy that I've used for years, but it doesn't work for four characters. They have changed the area in assembler and I'm not good enough nor do I have the time to rewrite it. It was called superlst I believe. -- 05/08/97

Hartmut Eichhorn, Germany ( wrote:
Hi together, I'm running my own small consulting company in Germany and I just found real interesting news and helpful information in your VSE-L forum - I'll get back as often as I can ! -- 05/10/97

Ed Neidhardt, P370/P390/R390 consultant Atlanta, Ga. ( wrote:
This looks like a great place to share VSE information. -- 05/13/97

Peter Jennings Lead Systems Programmer San Francisco Newspaper Agency 925 Mission Street 2nd Floor MIS San Francisco, CA. 94103 ( wrote:
Just heard of the VSE-LIST from the VM/VSE/ESA Technical conference in Kansas City,Kansas. Haven't looked around, yet, but the site was referred to often at the conference. I am not sure yet whether a "Subscription" or Membership is required, but I really just wanted to see what all the hubbub was about :) -- 05/19/97

Kelly Crisp Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing 2950 Robertson Ave Cincinnati, OH 45209 ( wrote:
Great site Wayne! Always looking for discussions with other mainframers. -- 05/23/97

Rich Irvine - Independent currently at Smead Mfg. VM/VSE/VTAM ( wrote:
Who says the mainframe is dead! -- 05/24/97

Larry Fisher Integon 500 West Fifth St Winston-Salem, NC 27102 ( wrote:
Hello...just stopped by for a visit -- 06/19/97

Jack Tuttle Financial Servives Inc. Glen Rock, N.J. ( wrote:
Great site Wayne, - thanks for the tour. Financial Services Inc -- 07/16/97

Chelita C. Riley, Computer Associates - Houston, TX ( wrote: -- 08/08/97

Jorge Lira, Origin, Săo Paulo - Brasil ( wrote:
Congratulations Wayne. Your site is very nice and helpfull. Keep it working. -- 09/01/97

Allan Peterson National Insurance Co of NZ Ltd 3 Mary Poynton Cres Takapuna Auckland New Zealand ( ) wrote:
Running VSE/ESA 2.1.1 on 9672-R21 -- 09/03/97

Kevin Keating, Group1 Software, Lanham MD ( wrote:
Nicely done Wayne!.......always looking for current info on VSE. -- 09/07/97

Svein Rebni,NordlandsData,Bodř(Norway) ( wrote:
Hi! I,m a Senior Operator at NordlandsData, locatet to a small town in Bodř(Norway), and i will soon start in a new job as a VSE-system programmer (still at same firm). Thank's for very interesting stuff. Kind Regards Svein Rebni -- 09/10/97

John R. Carter College of American Pathologists ( wrote:
OK, OK, I've seen the word "guestbook" too many times already. There sure is a lot of chatter here... don't you guys have work to do? This reminds me of the addage "... the best Computer Operators are lazy, they figure out easier ways to do things." AND, of course, the best operators become systems programmers, and so on.... So there's plenty of spare time. -- 09/26/97

Anson Ngai Sr. VM/VSE systems programmer Mutual of Omaha Ins. Co. Toronto, Ontario Canada ( ) wrote:
Glad to see this VSE family exists! -- 09/30/97

Tim McCullough LERETA Corp. Covina, Ca ( ) wrote:
Looking forward to using this site. VSE/ESA 1.3.1 VSE/ESA 2.2 (soon) LERETA Corp. -- 10/17/97

Stephen Frazier Oklahoma Department of Corrections Computer Service 3400 N. Martin Luther King Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73136 ( wrote:
I am the systems programer on a VM/ESA system with several VSE/ESA guests. -- 10/22/97

Gordon Bell, Golub Corp., Schenectady, NY, USA ( wrote:
Hi Wayne, I checked in looking for an easy way to review the list serve archive! Registered for the LISTSERV. -- 10/22/97

Dick Ducotey, IntelliWare Systems Inc. Aubuquerque, NM Office ( ) wrote:
Wayne, Looking forward to meeting you and many other VSE'ers at the WAVV conference in a few days. Thanks for all your hard work!! Dick -- 11/03/97

Carmen Pazos, International Paper, Memphis TN ( wrote:
Wayne, excellent source for us, the people who work with VSE!!! Thanks. -- 11/17/97

Doug Seelen First Independent Computers, Inc. 1157 North 5th Street Abilene, Texas 79601 ( wrote:
Glad to see this forum available. I plan on using it a lot now that I have access from the office. -- 11/19/97

Bruce R. Gillispie ( wrote:
Greetings from the Rock Painter. Its nice to find a very good informational VSE/VM site like yours. Rock Painter

-- 11/30/97

Somsak Thitiratsakul. Siam City Bank PCL. Thailand ( wrote:
Hello Everybody. Nice to see u. -- 12/03/97

Trustco Bank, N. A. ( ) wrote:
You offer an excellent service to vsers all over the net. Please keep up th good work... -- 01/01/98

Pamela Mery, Researcher, City College of San Francisco ( ) wrote:
Hi, Wayne, this is your sister! I always knew you were cool-- and this is just one more confirmation. I feel so behind the times... Our office is just now developing a Web Page. -- 01/06/98

Wes Ford, United Grocers - Portland, Oregon ( ) wrote:
Hi! I'm Wes Ford from Portland,Oregon - I will be looking forward to reading and discussing VSE. I have worked with VSE and VM. -- 02/18/98

Pamela L. Lovely Systems Programmer Skyline Corporation Elkhart, IN 46514 ( wrote:
Thanks for providing a Great Web site. -- 03/17/98

Loren Charnley Compass Group, North American Division Charlotte, NC 28217 ( wrote:
I have heard about this web page for some time. I now have web access from work and now plan to use this service alot. Thanks to all who keep up the service. -- 03/27/98

James M Palko Compuware Corporation Farningto Hills MI 48334 2564 ( wrote:
Just gained access, and am looking forward to being enlightened in the ups and downs of the VSE world, by those who probably know much more about it than I. -- 04/03/98

Gary K. Wolf, WOLF EDV GmbH, CH-6303 ZUG (Switzerland) ( wrote:
Do you also have a kind of VM/VSE jobs market for Europe, especially Southern Germany, Switzerland, England o, BeNeLux and Austria ? I am a VSE/VM systems programmer since 1965, having my own consulting company and have vacancies starting from June/July 98. -- 04/30/98

Hans Siemensma, Systems Programmer @ debis IT Services Benelux in The Netherlands ( wrote:
Hi, you all This one of the finest lists I ever have seen. Thanks to Wayne for maintaining this list. It makes my work as a professional systems programmer a lot easier with so much helping collegueas at hand. -- 05/03/98

Shayne Quaas, Computer Associates Intl, Bellevue WA ( wrote:
Excellent Site...nice job Wayne! -- 05/07/98

John Petzinger Cornerstone Systems Inc. New Jersey ( wrote:
I am a consultant for Cornerstone Systems Inc. We provide Systems Programming Services on all mainframe platforms. My expertise is in VM and VSE. I will be attending the WAVV conference in Albany. -- 05/30/98

Marty Benedict TRUSTCO Bank, N.A. Schenectady, N.Y. 12305 ( wrote:
Hi Wayne. -- 06/16/98

Joel Hipolito, Allied Banking Corp, Makati City Philippines ( wrote:
This is the first time i subscribe to VSE user group discussion and i find it very helpful. THis also gives the VSE users around the world to communicate sharing ideas views and techniques in solving some problems. -- 07/04/98

Rush Yan, Agriculture Bank of China-Guangzhou Branch, Guangzhou China ( ) wrote:
Hi Wayne,thank you very much for the great list! I'm so lucky to finally get here. -- 08/18/98

Jim Lisnoff, Open Mainframe Solutions LLC 75 Corporate Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788 888-494-7534 ( wrote:
Run every IBM operating system without ANY modification on Intel Pentium based servers, desktops, and notebooks. See you at WAVV 98. -- 08/24/98

Chuck Norman, IBM, Dallas, TX, USA ( ) wrote:
Hi Wayne I am Chuck Norman, IBM Dallas. I provide support for the Small and Medium S/390 accounts. I have been receiving information from this group for some time indirectly from others in IBM. Great page. -- 09/02/98

Paul Jara A. M. Castle & Co. Franklin Park, IL ( wrote:
Hi Wayne. Got your url from Computer Associates. Look forward to visiting frequently. -- 10/22/98

Brian H. Black Community College Of Baltimore County (CCBC) 800 South Rolling Road Catonsville, Maryland 21228 ( wrote:
Hi Wayne, Just wanted to leave a comment on what a great resource your listserv is for the Vse community. I always said that the best place to get resolutions to the real tough problems is through a venue like vse-l. I am always thinking "what do other shops do?" or "I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?" It has bailed me out on more than one occasion. My Thanks. to you and all of the subscribers.... -- 11/03/98

Virgilio B Calmlim Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd Jalan Utara, Panaga, Seria KB3534 Negara Brunei Darussalam ( wrote:
Great Service !!! More power to the sponsors & site administrators !!! Virgilio -- 11/04/98

David Steinhoff IBM CORP VM and VSE Business Unit Poughkeepsie NY 12601 ( wrote:
IBM VM and VSE -- 11/04/98

Roland Chung MAXC Consultants Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. ( wrote:
Got this URL from Canadian VSE User Group to-day. Being in the UPs and DOWNs of the VSE world since 1974, finding this site is the best thing in my career. You know, VSE is not very popular in Canada. From now on, I will visit this site more often. Wayne, at today's Canadian VSE User Group Meeting, I heard a lot of good comments on you from IBM Reps. Keep up with the good work! -- 11/20/98

John M. Sloan B.C.I.Inc. N.Y. N.Y. ( wrote:
With TCP/IP on VSE there is new life. -- 11/25/98


Dermot Doran, EMC Corporation, The Netherlands ( wrote:
After all those years of IBM trying to kill VSE it's nice (very nice) to see it alive and well on the Internet. -- 12/18/98

Woody Andrews Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. Jacksonville, FL ( ) wrote:
We're in the process of converting from VSE/ESA to OS/390, and this has been a GREAT place to locate others suffering a similar fate - in addition to mining some much needed software to aid in our conversion planning and effort. "If you look, you will find it." -- 12/29/98

Ricky Yeung ( wrote:
This is helpful web site of VSE operating system. -- 01/21/99

Cindy Mitchell, Jetson Direct Mail Services, Inc. Hamburg, Pennsylvania ( wrote:
Hi Wayne! I have known about this service for a few months, but never had to use this resource. Now I am a 'newbie' to system support and looking forward to researching the archives for answers to current problems and posting a few of my current dilemas. Thanks for the opportunity. -- 02/02/99

Don M Rowell, abc Distributing, Inc. North Miami, Florida ( wrote:
Thanks for the opportunity and the place to share my questions and concerns. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute as well. -- 04/16/99

David Ziegler, Dir of Music, Hope Lutheran Church
Nice web pages and you're an accomplished celloist, too! -- 05/11/99

Ray Meiggs American Insulated Wire Corp. Pawtucket RI. 02862 -- VM/VSE ( ) wrote:
Hi, just got back from a tcp/ip course given by Pete Clark. He highly recommended we visit this web site for all vm/vse users. -- 05/17/99

Bob Shair ITDS Intelicom Champaign, IL 61820 ( ) wrote:
Greetings to the VM and VSE community! VM and VSE can effectively utilize really big systems. -- 05/18/99

Jon Sayles Merant Micro Focus ( ) wrote:
I'm looking for information on the # of COBOL and PL/I VSE and VM programmers.... world-wide. -- 05/26/99

Oliver Edwards 2GL, England! ( ) wrote:
Glad to see you're still up and running!!!! Keep the good stuff coming! -- 06/10/99

Pete Clark, Olan Mills, Inc ( wrote:
As alway a fun and informative few minutes spent at VSE-L. Thanks Wayne for all that you do to keep VSE-L and alive. -- 07/13/99

Yüksel Köse,Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ţ.,Yarimca,Yurkey ( wrote:
I used to be an application programmer in a state enterprise of petro-chemical plant until our menager urged me to learn system programming, because I am the the only person in the data processing department whose English is proficient.As I was fervently searching for resources,I came accross this address in the IBM booklet;VSE/ESA- Keeping You Informed.We have recently upgraded our system from VSE/ESA 2.1 to VSE/ESA 2.3,and I think this site would be a valuable source of information for me. -- 07/22/99

Richard Griffault EDS 68 Avenue A. Briand 93155 Le Blanc-Mesnil France ( wrote:
Bonjour, I am from Paris and very happy and interesting to discover VSE-L. Sincerely Richard -- 08/17/99

Ian Mawdsley, Avon Cosmetics, UK ( ) wrote:
Every VSE user worldwide should know this site - invaluable answers to those tricky questions we seem to be asking about a lot of the new VSE features. -- 09/04/99

mike moore, alabama judicial datacenter, montgomery, al 36104 ( ) wrote:
It's always comforting to see other folks in the VSE world! Keep up the good work! -- 09/16/99

Sakher Khreisha , Royal Jordanian Airline, Amman JORDAN ( wrote:
Hi It is nice to have a VSE entries on the WEB... The entries and responses had helped me a lot so thanks to every one who shared with me any idea or saved me a lot of time instead of searching or waiting answers from IBM SO thanks again ....Sakher -- 12/31/99

Harris Lesman Metropolitian Museum of Art New York. E-mail ==> ( or wrote:
I just discovered you and i am really glad there is someplace and people out there that are caring enough to help others. -- 01/07/00

Rod Gomas, Gottchalks Inc. Fresno, California ( wrote:
Thanks for this opportunity. VSE-L has been valuable in the past. -- 03/03/00

László Szente Bábolna RT, Hungary, Bábolna Mészáros str 1. ( wrote:
X -- 03/09/00

OU ( ) wrote:
Oklahoma University Greeting!! I love the design and colors. -- 05/28/00

Hans Bladergroen - Proface Automatiseringsgroep B.V. - Schiphol-Rijk - The Netherlands ( wrote:
I never heard about this site until yesterday. A very useful site for VM/VSE freaks as I could classify myself. -- 07/19/00

François MERY ,Pibrac,FRANCE ( wrote:
I was egosurfing(my name is MERY and I am living near TOULOUSE) and then found your site -- 08/05/00

David Brooks, Check-Printers , Nashville,TN ( ) wrote:
Just a visit. -- 11/01/00

Habil Kangu Mutende, Central Bank of Kenya, Nairobi Kenya. ( ) wrote:
I have found this forum very resourceful. Thanks for this great job. -- 11/20/00

John Ford, Healthpartners, Minneapolis MN (USA) ( wrote:
I've used VSE-L for years... it's about time I signed the guest book! This is one of the greatest resources around for VSE folks. Since I may not stay with one employer forever, use or if you want to hunt me down or offer me a job. -- 12/28/00

Manuel M Kanapilly, Kanapilly Consulting services, Inc. ( wrote:
This is my first visit and it looks very impressive and informative. -- 03/07/01

Pamela M. Mery (sis), City College of San Francisco (in San Francisco!) ( wrote:
Hey, bro. Just updating my bookmarks and thought i'd check your site out (haven't visited in a while). Did i tell you i have a Palm V (as does Adrina) compliments of some generous friends who were upgrading? So i read your suggestions with some personal interest. Cheers! -- 07/05/01

Spence Baker Temple Hospital ( wrote:
thank you VERY MUCH for your great list serve. the info gleened out of here help fix a nagging problem in our shop for a while. you guys have a GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!! -- 12/14/01

Diane Wachter- teacher- Northampton School District ( wrote:
Great site! Very diverse interests and excellent commentary! My daugher and I have talked of hiking the Applachian Trail as well but she wants to do the ENTIRE trail!! I looked for your photo but saw the gorilla instead..... is he part of the Mery geneolgy?? ( just a joke). -- 02/12/02

Jay Hemmer, S&L Tech. ( wrote:
I found the WEB site to be very helpful. Thank you. -- 04/29/02

Rich Szabo, Charter One Bank, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (rich @ (remove spaces)) wrote:
Been reading VSE-L since '89. Thanks Wayne! Rich Szabo, Charter One Bank, rich @ (remove spaces) -- 08/27/02

northern New Jersey ( ) wrote:
Very glad to find this page! -- 09/12/02

Goldsmith Group, Inc Indianapolis, Indiana 46218 ( wrote:
I would like to reach any of your subscribers that still has and maintains the Hitachi 7700E mainframe system. and -- 09/25/02


Brenda Kolchin, Teacher, Northampton Area School District ( wrote:
Very interesting! -- 11/19/02

Kristen Mery gettysburg, pa ( ) wrote:
hey dad! -- 03/24/04

( ) wrote:
Those are great pictures Wayne! Your loving sister, Kim --