Recent applications of our ODE/DAE/PDE software include:

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance of radio frequency tumor ablation

Distributed compartment models for positron emission tomography (PET) receptor studies

Response of muscle and lung tissue to transient heating in vivo

Analysis of atherosclerotic lesion development

Intracellular calcium wave propagation linked to cardiac arrhythmia

Antigen-antibody reactions on chemically treated silicon wafers

Arterial endothelium permeability

Density equalizing maps of neural data

Thrombus dynamics

Acid-mediated tumor growth

Retinal oxygen transport

Rapid oxygen purge in a medical oxygen concentrator

Hemodialyzer dynamics

Epidermal wound healing

Drug distribution from a polymer matrix

Quantum efficiency of pigment molecules in cone photoreceptors

Method of lines applied to the discrete ordinates method for radiative heat transfer

Propagation of laser beams in polymer particles

Laser light propagation through Bose-Einstein condensates

Stimulated Brillouin scattering dynamics

Identification of free radical polymerization parameters

Dynamic analysis of polymer blown-film extrusion

Polymer swelling in fiber optic sensors

Drying of granular food particles

Droplet drying with moving boundary

Simulation of cement production units

Radial dispersion in Fischer-Tropsch reactors

Performance of membrane reactors

Methane combustion with CO2 separation

Diffusion and reaction of H2 in multilayer containment vessels

Spatial probabilistic model for steel corrosion in reinforced concrete structures

Reaction-diffusion in metallic systems

Oxygen grain-boundary transport

Dynamics of cryogenics refrigeration plants

Cryogenic (liquid helium) cooling of superconducting magnets

Heat transfer dynamics in rapid, thermal swing adsorption

Hydrotreating and naphtha reforming

Dynamics of a monolith loop reactor system

Methylation kinetics of Hg in aquatic sediments

Settling of particles in drilling fluids

Soil hydrology

Soil internal drainage and short furrow redistribution

Eutrophication and pH calculation

Dynamics of a karst aquifier

Coastal dynamics

Shoreline sediment evolution

River pollutant transport

Release control of toxic nanomaterials to the environment

Sinkhole dynamics

Solute transport in karst conduits

Adaptive grid solution of electrochemical kinetic equations

Evaluation of effective diffusivities for porous catalysts

Physics of organic light emitting diodes (LEDs)

Plasma turbulence

Integro partial differential equations in plasma physics

Josephson electrodynamics

Solution of 1-D Euler equations for cavitations and one-fluid two-phase flow problems

Longitudinal vibrations of Rayleigh-Bishop and Rayleigh-Love rods

Analysis of black hole singularities in general relativity

Relativistic wavepackets in chaotic quantum cosmology

Sun's magnetic field

Fokker-Planck equations for time evolution of velocity probabilty distributions

Collapse of the World Trade Center towers

Black-Scholes options pricing models (e.g., for convertible bonds)