Thomas W. Hyndman


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I am currently enrolled in Lehigh UniversityÕs dual-degree honors program, Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE). I am currently focusing my studies on Mechanical Engineering and Finance.


I am a fan of being well-balanced. Although centers of masses are always intriguing, I am referring to my personality, commitments, and use of time. 


I am constantly in search for opportunities to better myself, and others. These come in the form of jobs, internships, co-ops, study abroads, volunteer experience, and more. If any of my study (curriculum), experiences (resume), or personal characteristics and goals align with an opportunity you are offering, please let me know.


Currently, I am pursuing or plan to pursue:

-a study aboard/co-op in Prague

-an internship with The Linde Group (Industrial gases)

-a career with the U.S. Navy in the NUPOC (Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate) program




Favorite Links:


-Philadelphia Eagles

-This Is Why IÕm Broke