Mathematics 21, Fall, 1998

Mathematics 21 - Fall, 1998

Mathematics 21, Calculus I, will cover chapters 1--6 of Calculus, Early Transcendentals, third edition, by James Stewart.

General Information

Please remember to follow the instructions on the handout "Calculus on PC's with Windows 95" from the MAPLE introductory session. If you do not have a copy, please see your instructor.

  • Course Information Sheet. Course information and requirements. Use GSview.

  • Calculus on PC's. Information on using the computer in Mathematics 21.

    Maple demonstrations

  • Demo 1. Maple basics. Use MAPLE V, Release 5.

    Written Assignments

  • Written Assignment 1, Due Wednesday, September 16. Use MAPLE V, Release 5.

  • Written Assignment 2, Due Wednesday, October 21.

  • Written Assignment 3, Due Wednesday, November 25.