Sean Conway

About Me

Hello!  My name is Sean Conway, and I am a student at Lehigh University enrolled in the IBE, or integrated business and engineering program.  I intend to major in Civil Engineering, and I hope to complete the IBE 5-year dual degree program in a matter of 4 years, thanks to my AP credits.  During my stay at Lehigh, I hope to involve myself with Engineers Without Borders, Study Abroad, and Lehigh’s United Nations partnerships in order to fully understand and embrace the world around me.  I have also always been very passionate about politics and social groups, and I intend to continue that involvement during my stay at Lehigh.

Contact Information and Background Information



Phone:  (484) 280-2120


Hometown:  Allentown, Pennsylvania


Favourite pastimes:  Researching politics, staying up to date with the news, and discovering new things


Probable IBE major:  Civil Engineering


Languages:  English, French


Favourite Country to Visit:  Tie between Canada and Belgium



AP Credit

Curriculum Plan

High School Pictures


Summer Plans

I intend to spend my first summer back in my home of Allentown, Pennsylvania working at Wegmans in order to finance my later excursions and studies abroad, which I hope to do after my sophomore year.  While I am currently undecided between whether I want to study in Shanghai, Belgium, or Ireland, I’m sure that my experience will be a great one!  During my Junior year, I will seek an internship relating to my chosen major, and during the summer of that year, I plan to intern at that company.



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