What Languages Suck, And What Languages Rule

Using a wonderful idea derived from Don Marti's Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter, the crack research staff at The Perl Journal wants to help you make the right language choice.

I've written a tiny Perl program that uses LWP and the GD module to perform an AltaVista search for each of these languages, followed by either "sucks" or "rules." It computes the rule-to-suck ratio (higher is better) and plots the result every hour.

A score below 1.0 means the language sucks.
A score above 1.0 means the language rules.
Darker colors mean a higher number of hits, and therefore a higher degree of certainty about suckiness.

The true measure of a language's merit is not how many people use it, but whether they like it. People like Perl. You will too.

Bookmark this page and note the growing dominance of Perl. Why no measure for C or C++, you ask? Because AltaVista considers them the same. No Prolog either, for reasons that are apparent if you know the language. The one modification that has been made to the simple searching criterion: I filter out references to Monty Python. I have great respect for Python programmers, and I'm sure they're not that desperate for the illusion of popularity.

Jon Orwant