My Perl/Tk Applications and Widgets

tkhpcalc This program displays various Hewlett-Packard RPN calculators, each of which actually works to some degree or another. All basic arithmetic and stack operations are supported by the base class Tk::Calculator::RPN::HP. Additional functionality depends on the calculator type and who wrote it and how ambitious they were (;

As the picture to the right shows, currently HP 21 and HP 16C calculators are available.

Screenshot of
tkjuke A graphical interface to mtx, the jukebox controller program. tkjuke is a master/slave application: the master displays aNoteBook widget which one uses to connect to various local and/or remote jukeboxes. The slaves are jukebox controller windows embedded as a NoteBook tab in the master's window. Here is a picture of the master's Connect tab.

Screenshot of tkjuke
Tk::Gauge Thus widget creates a variety of analog gauges. More examples are here and here.

Screenshot of tkjuke

I copied Slaven's table format - thanks, Slaven.

Thumbnails generated via Tk::Thumbnail and this small program.

Steve Lidie, 2005/06/26