The source code examples for Mastering Perl/Tk were last updated on 2003/02/28

The following change log details the differences between the example code in the first edition of MPTK and the current tarball.


Chapter 17, added the stipple demo, which dynamically creates stipples using DefineBitmap.


Chapter 15, three mods to Tk::ExecuteCommand. Added a -scrollbars option applicable to the Scrolled ROText widget. Added a get_status method that returns a list of two: the last command's $? and $! results. Added a waitVariable call to execute_command that ensures the current command completes before returning, preventing multiple invocations from interfering with each other.


Chapter 14, the online copy of Tk::CollapsableFrame was incorrect. Replace with the proper version, and add the test program mac_copy.


Chapter 2, add two "play with pack" examples.


Chapter 15, fixed a fileevent() bug in Tk::ExecuteCommand, and added documentation describing the mega-widget's options and advertised subwidgets.


Added three code examples: play-with-form (chapter 2), dynamic-fontviewer (chapter 3), and listboxexample1 (chapter 7).


Minor changes to a few programs, per errata from an unknown, but very meticulous reader.


Add the TIX examples from chapter 18.


Fix dynamic-fontviewer from chapter 3.