Research in the Vinci Group

Nano- and Micro-Mechanical Behavior Laboratory (NMBL)

Characterization Research Facilities:


Processing Research Facilities:

  • Atomic Force Microscope (Digital Instruments)
  • Nanoindentation (Hysitron Triboscope)
  • Micro-tensile load frame (tension, fatigue)
  • Mini-load frame, SEM in-situ testing
  • Thin film adhesion test fixtures, 4-point bend
  • Thin film stress measurement, in-situ wafer curvature (k-Space)
  • Stress relaxation measurement by membrane resonance
  • Substrate curvature, small sample, high temperature, vacuum
  • Bulge test

Detailed list of all NMBL equipment and capabilities

  • Sputter deposition, 3 targets, co-sputtering arrangement (AJA International)
  • Thermal evaporation, resistance heated, 3 crucibles
  • KOH etching, deep Si etch
  • DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etch)

Main Areas of Interest (not necessarily active projects):

nanoindents of solder

Fatigue behavior of metals for MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)

Anelastic (viscoelastic) behavior of thin metal films

Strengthening mechanisms and residual stress control in platinum and gold thin films

Low Temperature Mechanical Behavior of MEMS Materials for Space Applications

Solid state conversion of aluminum thin films to single crystal sapphire

Other areas of Interest:

oxide beam

Mechanical behavior of lead-free solder materials for advanced automotive microelectronic packaging

Mechanical properties of natural materials

Control of residual stress and adhesion in solder-contact metallization

Determination of SiO2 Mechanical Behavior via High Temperature Microtensile Testing

An Immuno-Mimetic Sensor-Actuator using Novel Polymeric Vesicles as Artificial Lymphocytes

Current Group Members:

Close Collaborators:

  • Thirumalesh Bannuru, graduate research assistant
  • Jeff Biser, graduate research assistant
  • Sreya Sutta, graduate research assistant
  • Jason Perkins, graduate research assistant
  • Jon Regina, post-doctoral research associate
  • Hyoungjoon Park, post-doctoral research associate
  • Seungmin Hyun, post-doctoral research associate
Group Photo, 2002
Group Photo, 2003

  • Prof. Helen Chan, Lehigh
  • Prof. Michael Notis, Lehigh
  • Prof. Walter Brown, Lehigh
  • Prof. David Cundall, Lehigh
  • Prof. James Hwang, Lehigh
  • Prof. Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
  • Dr. Robert Keller, NIST
  • Dr. Nicholas Barbosa, NIST
  • Dr. Richard Chromik, NRL
  • Prof. John Bravman, Stanford
  • Prof. William Nix, Stanford
  • Prof. Bruce Clemens, Stanford
  • Prof. Paul McIntyre, Stanford
  • Prof. Maria Santore, University of Massachusetts

Alumni (and location after leaving Lehigh):

  • Paul El-Deiry, PhD (Schick Research)
  • Nick Barbosa, PhD (NIST, Boulder)
  • Richard Chromik, PhD (Naval Research Laboratory)
  • Sarah Lewis, MS (PhD program at RPI)
  • Allison Hamilton, MS (Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory)
  • Ming-Tzer Lin, PhD (National Chung Hsing University)
  • XiaoMing Liu, PhD (Agere Systems)

Affiliated with:

Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Center for Optical Technologies
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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Last updated: September 7, 2005