Nanga Parbat Continental Dynamics Project
Some Images and Data...

To keep the scientific community and the broader public informed about our project, we will be happy to make summaries of our data and results available for inspection. Please note that what you see are likely to intermediate results; you should contact the specific investigator for more information about the particulars of any given data set, figure, or image.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The data, image, and plots found here are in most cases the intellectual property of the P.I.'s. If you wish to download or use any of the information you find here, please obtain permission first. Don't spoil this experiment in open access!

For the moment (2-4-98), what you will find below are some of the data and observations which led us to propose our project. Within a few months, as publications are submitted and reach the press, we will begin to post new project data. We are currently constructing an integrated database containing as many of our data as possible; details will be announced here.

>> Scenes of Nanga Parbat, its rocks, and its zircons <<
Nanga Parbat massif, seen from the north (77K gif image)
The northern (Raikot) face (59K gif image)
The southern (Rupal) side (59K gif image)
The so-called Tato jeep "road" (68K gif image)
Campsite at Fairy Meadows (50K gif image)
Raikot (Liachar) Fault, at Liachar Gah (63K gif image)
Possible fault or fault-line scarp of Raikot fault, near Tata Pani. (63K gif image)
Thin 5 Ma granitic dikes of the Nanga Parbat massif (81K gif image)
True granite dike (1 Ma), near Fairy Meadows (50K gif image)
Top contact of 1 Ma Fingatori Granite, west of Fairy Meadows (81K gif image)
Hot spring near Tato village (63K gif image)
Hanging glaciers, north side of massif (54K gif image)
Strange blue zircons from a "thin" dike of the NPHM (77K gif image)
Blue zircon with pink xenocrystic core (63K gif image)
Typical zircon from Fingatori granite (41K gif image)

>> Some of the background data that helped instigate this project <<
Setting of Nanga Parbat in the India-Asia collision zone (185K gif image)
Geological sketch map of the Himalaya in northern Pakistan (23K gif image)
Contour map of zircon fission-track ages, Pakistan Himalaya (23K gif image)
Cooling history of the Nanga Parbat-Haramosh Massif (18K gif image)
U-Pb dating of basement rocks of Nanga Parbat (14K gif image)
All "young" U-Pb results from Nanga Parbat (18K gif image)
All "young" U-Pb results from the Raikot Valley (18K gif image)
Sources of seismic energy around Nanga Parbat (63K gif image)

>> Some of our new data <<
Soon, soon!

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