"Networking with Secrecy Constraints"
P. Venkitasubramaniam, T. He and L. Tong
2006 IEEE MILCOM, Washington D.C., Oct. 2006.

Wireless Networks are susceptible to anonymous monitoring of transmissions by adversaries who can infer valuable information about data flows in the network. It is therefore necessary to design network protocols that maintain secrecy of routes from eavesdroppers. In this work, we present a mathematical formulation of route secrecy when eavesdroppers observe transmission epochs of nodes. We consider networks where the nodes use receiver directed signaling schemes and each node has a strict delay constraint for relaying packets. We propose a scheduling technique to provide complete secrecy of routes, and based on that, characterize achievable rate regions for two-hop data routes under the given constraints. Furthermore, we extend the results when an additional constraint on packet loss is imposed.