"Relay Secrecy in Wireless Networks with Eavesdropper"
  P. Venkitasubramaniam, T. He and L. Tong
  Forty Fourth Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Computing and Control, Monticello, IL, Sep. 2006.

Anonymous monitoring of transmissions in a wireless network by eavesdroppers can provide critical information about the data ows in the network. It is, therefore, necessary to design network protocols that maintain secrecy of routes from eavesdroppers. In this work, we present a mathematical formulation of route secrecy when eavesdroppers observe transmission epochs of nodes. We propose scheduling techniques to provide complete secrecy of routes, and characterize achievable rate regions for a multiplex relay under transmitter directed spread spectrum signaling. Further, we extend the results to the case when an additional constraint on packet loss is imposed.