A0. Respondent Information: This item collects respondent name and contact information in case questions arise. (This information will not be published.) It also requests the Web address of CDSs posted online for use by data collectors.
B4. - B21. Graduation Rates: Bachelor’s or equivalent program data may be provided for the fall 1997 cohort else the fall 1996 cohort depending upon the timing of the data request and the availability of the data. Likewise for two-year institutions, data may be provided for the 2000 cohort else the 1999 cohort.
E4. - E8. Library Collections: This item now references questions and definitions used in the most recent Academic Libraries Survey.
H. Financial Aid:
Questions were reworded slightly for clarification. The term “gift aid” was replaced with “scholarship or grant aid” and “received” was replaced with “awarded.”
In H1, the row heading “State (Scholarship/Grants)” was defined to include scholarships and grants from all states, not only the state in which your institution is located.
In H2b, the question was refined to include only students who applied for need-based financial aid.
In H2i, financial aid awarded in excess of need is to be excluded.
H2A “Number of Enrolled Students Awarded Non-need-based Scholarships and Grants” was refined to include only institutional aid.
J. Degrees Conferred: CIP 2000’s two-digit categories are now listed alongside those for CIP 1990.
ANNUAL UPDATES (e.g., changes to years, etc.)
B. Enrollment and Persistence
C. First-time, First-Year (Freshman) Admission
D. Transfer Admission
F1. Student Life
G. Annual Expenses
H. Financial Aid
I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
J. Degrees Conferred