Other Interests

When I'm not diligently working on academic pursuits - which, of course, never actually happens - I pursue a number of other interests.

Other reading occupies a large amount of time. In particular:

Some of these even threaten to become academic pursuits. (I think junk novels are safe, however.)

I love to travel. In the last several years, I have visited Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Macedonia, and China. My favorite area in the US is the Southwest. My favorite single place is the Grand Canyon: I've fixed winged it, helicoptered it, hiked it, and rafted it. I like mountains, deserts, canyons, rocky beaches, and special alive cities, like San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, parts of Chicago, San Sebastian, Lisbon, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Bogota, and others.

One of my favorite pasttimes is discussion and argument. Philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, politics, economics, current events, gossip ... most anything.

In past lives, I have enjoyed running, water skiing, snow skiing, racquet ball, squash, and backpacking. Also, Go and Go-Moku.

Fuzzball, the cat, occupies a great deal of attention, though not nearly enough, in his judgment. RIP 2002
We now have a new feline member of the family, named Pesto.

Food is of major importance (I'm sure you didn't know that). I have yet to meet a cuisine I didn't like. My favorites, however, are Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and some genuine Mexican (difficult to find, but there is a great place in Austin, Texas ...).

Of almost constant importance is music. Most especially jazz and classical and 60s rock, with jazz way out in front in terms of listening time. Some of my favorite musicians and groups are Jack Dejohnette, Tangerine Dream, Miles Davis, Max Roach, John Abercrombie, Ornette Coleman, Keith Jarrett, Ray Brown,Jean-Michel Jarre.

Photography is occasional great fun, especially when traveling. I have some photographs that are actually good.