Michael E. Trongone

Integrated Business and Engineering

Lehigh University


Hometown: Hawthorne, NJ

High School: Saint Joseph Regional High School

Montvale, NJ


Major- IBE Mechanical Engineering with Mechanical Engineering dual degree






Email me:met318@lehigh.edu




Thank you for visiting my official IBE Web Page. My name is Mike Trongone and Im from Hawthorne, NJ. I plan on majoring in IBE ME and receiving a dual degree in ME. I look forward to getting involved at Lehigh and anticipate joining clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee and Spanish Club. I also am anticipating a study abroad trip during one summer. Feel Free to peruse the website and my List O Favorites

List O Favorites

Websites- Sporcle.com, Youtube.com

Sports Teams- Giants, Yankees, Rangers,

Hobbies- Listening to music, Netflix, playing the piano, soccer, frisbee, reading



Lehigh University