Question from Elizabeth B. Greenlee:

I downloaded the ece33.exe file a couple of times and have expanded and every time I run emacs and get a bunch of nonsense characters instead of an editor. I followed the instructions you gave and downloaded it in Binary. I was wondering if there is something wrong with the file or if I am might have done something incorrectly.

ANSWER from mdwagh:

In order to run the emacs editor as well as the simulator, you should boot your computer with a device driver known as "ANSI.SYS". This device driver comes with the DOS. If your computer came loaded with its software, you will find it either in the root directory (c:\) or in directory DOS or in directory WINDOWS or in WINDOWS\BIN or in WINDOWS\COMMAND. (I have included a basic ANSI.SYS file in ece33.exe but it is best to use the one that came with your version of msdos.)

Once you find your ANSI.SYS, add a line in file CONFIG.SYS located in your root directory declaring ANSI.SYS as a device driver by giving its COMPLETE PATH. For example, if the file ANSI.SYS is in the directory c:\DOS, you will add:


Note that specifying the disk drive and a complete path from the root to the location of ANSI.SYS is mandatory. You may use DOS edit or WINDOWS NOTEPAD program to change config.sys.

Once the file config.sys is saved, turn the machine OFF and then turn it ON again. This time, when the machine boots up, it will read ANSI.SYS and both emacs and the simulator will behave. This change in config.sys will not affect any other programs.