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Blink: The Role Playing Game

Some of you may remember the old Marvel Superheros Roleplaying Game. Here's my shot at a set of Blink Stats (mostly taking into account AoA Blink's training).

Code Name: Blink
Real Name: Clarice Ferguson
Fighting Agility Strength Endurance Reason Intuition Psyche
Good (10) Remarkable (30) Typical (6) Typical (6) Good (10) Good (10) Typical (6)
Health = 52 Karma = 26 Resources = Typical (6) Popularity = 0


  • Spatial Displacement: Amazing(50) Blink's powers have been described as "spatial displacement" by Holocaust in Astonishing X-Men 4. This gives her the following power stunts.
    • Displace object/individual: Blink can cut pieces out of objects or individuals by displacing them. At full power, Blink cuts with power rank ability and deals Remarkable (30) damage to the target. If target is an inanimate object of RM or less Material Strength, it no longer functions. Effects on stronger materials vary at judge's discretion based on what effect putting a hole in an object would have. Used on body armor, creates a hole which can be targetted as a called shot. (Used on Battleship in X-Men 37, for massive property damage and a hole in Holocaust's armor in Astonishing X-Men 4.)

      When targetting individuals, can be used at full power for RM damage as above. Alternately, Blink can displace an individual for a fraction of a second, with power rank ability, forcing that individual to roll against a stun effect of Amazing (50) intensity. Triple all Karma losses for Blink due to uses of her power on people. (Astonishing X-Men 2 for stunning, Uncanny 317 for attacking Harvest at full power, and for karma limitation.)

    • Teleportals: AoA Blink was capable of creating teleportals, which allowed her to transport herself. She can teleport herself without rolling, unless in combat situations. In or other pressure situations, she can teleport herself with power rank ability to either a location within her line of sight, or to a familiar location, such as a homebase. Other normal teleportation rules apply. (Astonishing X-Men 1 and Tales 1 for home base, Astonishing X-Men 4 for line-of-sight combat teleporting.)

      Blink can also use teleportals to transport others, or objects. This type of portal takes a full turn to open, with power rank ability. The effective range is literally from Kansas to the Blue Area of the Moon (Tales 1), with the above restriction on combat situations. Once opened, such a portal remains open until Blink closes it, an action she can take with power rank ability. (Astonishing X-Men 1, among others)

      Blink can also use teleportals to redirect projectiles (or herself, if in flight, as in Astonishing X-Men 4!). Blink does this by opening a portal in front of a moving object, redirecting it with Remarkable (30) ability. This operates at Amazing (50) ability if the target is a projectile which a teammate throws directly into the portal. In the latter case, multiple projectiles can be redirected at a -2 CS to all rolls for each projectile beyond the first (I.E. -4Cs for three projectiles). (X-Men Omega)

    • Charge Object: AoA Blink carried Darts (see below) which she could charge. Blink can charge one dart per turn without rolling, even under combat circumstances. (Otherwise, she charges at power rank ability, with the usual multiple action penalty.) Charged objects inflict Material Strength damage ignoring body armor, but not force fields, or can be used to attempt to displace or teleport the target. In the latter case, roll to hit (Melee or ranged as appropriate) then resolve as normal with -2CS penalties to any rolls. (Astonishing X-Men 4)

  • Darts: These Darts, carried by AoA Blink, inflict typical (6) edged damage, and have Remarkable(30) Material Strength.

Talents: Weapon Specialist (Darts), Tumbling

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