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Plot:Scott Lobdell
Penciller:Roger Cruz
Inkers:LaRosa, Townsend, Kesel, Candelario, Hanna, Milgrom
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

X-Men: Omega

What part does Blink play in the final battle which culminated the 4 month Age of Apocalypse? A big one, though not a talkative one. Blink teleports the whole team into the ruins of the slave pens, in one of the coolest pictures of the crossover. Blink has also learned a new power stunt: making small portals for Gambit's cards to take out Tuskettes. There's another good shot of Blink in the middle of the group during a battle in this issue.

There are two quotes in this issue for Blink fans to notice. The first, her only line in the book, happens when she sees Quicksilver apparently scrambling the molecules of the Evil Beast. She says, "Holy cheese, Petey! So much for ever seeing that furball ever again! You play dirty! I love it! You scatter his atoms good and rough?" This seems out of character for Clarice. Perhaps she was written saying this because any other member of the team would not have cared, or even noticed. I say that we should take it as a sarcastic comment.

What could be more important than Blink's only line? How about this one from the infallible prophet Destiny: "Only we three can go...for only we three no longer have counterparts in this other reality." The three she means are herself, Illyana, and Bishop. But Illyana and Destiny DID have counterparts, they just died. So did Blink! Is Destiny saying that the Real TIme Blink is still alive? I've heard some people say that Morph (who was based off of a really old, dead villan) would then also have to be alive in our world. Personal opinion: know any other grey shapechangers? Say the shape-changing Random, who was manipulated by Evil Beast, a mad genius who KNEW Morph? Food for thought...

Of course, in the end, Apocalypse was defeated. The Real timeline was restored, and AoA Blink was gone, possibly forever.

So much for Apocalypse! Back to the chronology.

Wait a sec! I wasn't ready for this issue yet! Take me back to the setup, Amazing X-Men 4.