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Morph consoles Blink


Plot:Fabian Nicieza
Penciller:Andy Kurbert
Inker:Matt Ryan
Colorist:Kevin Somers

Amazing X-Men 4 After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse

This issue, the lead in to the final battle of the Age of Apocalypse, X-Men: Omega, showed how the plots of the Age resolved. In brief:

Nate, the X-Man, is the AoA Cable. He lost his friends to Apocalypse's horseman Sinister, whom Nate killed, and now Nate wants the big A!
Weapon X
Logan, and for a time Jean Grey, Phoenix, helped the human high council prepare a nuclear counteroffensive against Apocalypse.
Nightcrawler found the prophet Destiny.
Factor X
Cyclops and Jean battled the Elite Mutant Force, lead by Scott's brother Havok and the Evil Beast, to save the mutants trapped in Evil Beast's slave pens.
Gambit and the X-Ternals
Gambit was to get a shard of M'Kraan crystal, but he was betrayed by Strong Guy, who also kid-napped Magneto and Rogue's son, Charles!
Amazing X-Men
The other half of the X-Men also saved civilians, and had to rescue Bishop. (Check the main page for info on the previously covered half)
Generation NeXt
This team of rookies rescued Colossus' time travelling sister, Illyana, but all perished...

Clarice's only line in the midst of this mess is shock at the loss of all of Generation NeXt. Morph calms her saying that at least the other teams survived. (BTW, Blink COULD have saved the team, with a simple portal, despite what the others seem to think.) And so, the stage is set for the final battle!

It's time for X-MEN: OMEGA!

On the other hand, we could go back to see Blink vs. Holocaust again...

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