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Here's the Blink from cover of Alpha with or without the surrounding background.
Blink advancing


Plot:Scott Lobdell
Pencillers:Roger Cruz and Steve Epting
Inkers:Tim Townsend and Dan Panosian
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

X-Men Alpha: A New world! A New Beginning!

This issue came only a few month after the demise of our Clarice, and it intoduced us all to the world without Xavier. More importantly to us Blink fans, however, was the reintroduction of our heroine! Blink is now her official X-codename, she has a green costume complete with gloves and a purple border, and she now carries weapons. These weapons, which I call 'darts' for lack of a better term, are slender metal needles, pointed at both ends, which can be used as throwing weapons, or in hand-to-hand. Blink's costume has a quiver in which she carries the darts.

Blink has been considerably trained in the use of her power, and can now cause material to reappear in set places, as well as opening teleportation portals. In addition to her original ability to destroy objects, Blink can charge her darts a la Gambit, causing whatever she strikes with them to be displaced.

Blink will remain as a calming voice throughout the AoA, clinging at least partially to the shyness that she had in our world. She is unhappy to see the violence of her teammates. Her part is small in this issue, but it will grow in significance later...

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