MSA>Import>EFTEM image series

Current Function Version: 1.0 (Oct./30/'08)

Brief Description
This function imports a series of EFTEM images acquired by the Acquire Filtered Series function in Gatan DigitalMicrograph as a spectrum image (data cube). .

Select MSA>Import>EFTEM image series from the menu bar. Then, a dialog appears.

First, you should select the initial and final EFTEM images from a series of acquisition by clicking the Initial image and Final image buttons.
Second, input the energy step value in eV. Then, click the Convert button.

Here is an example the dialog just before clicking the Convert button.

Note that the EFTEM image series must be named as

foo [jjjeV].dm3

where foo is the rootfile name, jjj is an energy-loss value of the particular image. For example, test 3 [12.4eV].dm3.

The imported file can be treated as a regular 3D spectrum image.