DTSA on Windows

6. Installation of DTSA
Finally, you are ready to install DTSA to the MacOS under SheepShaver on Windows.
  1. Copy the downloaded DTSA hqx file from Windows to MacOS under SheepShaver
    • Double-click "My PC" icon in MacOS under SheepShaver
    • You can see folders in Windows from MacOS
    • Drag the DTSA hqx file to Desktop of MacOS

  2. Decompress the DTSA hqx file
    • Use "Stuffit Expander". In Mac (at least MacOS 8.6), this program should be included as default. It can be found at Mac OS > Internet > Internet Utilities > Aladdin
    • Select the folder to save the decompressed files (e.g. Mac OS folder)
      Note: Stuffit Expander may not be very stable under SheepShaver
    • You should see the decompressed filed in the selected folder

      The folder "PowerDTSA 2/04/97" (almost 10 years old!) contains all the files related to DTSA ver 2.5

  3. Set the screen parameters for DTSA
    You do not have to this. Otherwise, DTSA always asks you to change the screen resolution.
    • Go to Apple mark > Control Panel > Monitor & Sound
    • Select the screen color: 256

  4. Set printer for DTSA
    DTSA will show you warning if you do not select a printer.
    • Go to Apple mark > Chooser
    • Select a printer (e.g. Color SW pro), then click the Setup button

  5. That it! Only you need to do is just to double-click the DTSA icon.
    Have fun with DTSA on your Windows PC!

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