Gary G. DeLeo


Professor of Physics
Lehigh University
Tel: (610) 758-3413
Fax: (610) 758-5730

1974 B.S., Physics, S.U.N.Y. at Fredonia , NY
1976 M.S., Physics, The University of Connecticut
1979 Ph.D., Physics, The University of Connecticut

1979-82 Visiting Assistant Professor, Research Associate, Lehigh University
1982-85 Assistant Professor, Lehigh University
1985-90 Associate Professor, Lehigh University
1990- Professor, Lehigh University
1993-00 Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Lehigh University
1994- Director, Science Outreach Program, Lehigh University
2000-03 Chair, Department of Physics, Lehigh University
2007- Associate Chair, Department of Physics, Lehigh University

Research Activities
Recent Work: Theory of Binary-Star Systems. Mass flow and ultraviolet spectroscopy of interacting (close) binary stars. Orbital analysis of visual binary systems. Science education and outreach.

Earlier Work: Theory of Defects in Semiconductors and Insulators. Electronic structure, electron spin resonance, and optical-absorption properties of defects in semiconductors and insulators. Lattice dynamics and electron-lattice interactions. Electronic-structure and molecular-dynamics calculations of defects in semiconducting crystals.

Professional Activities and Societies
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Member, American Physical Society
Member, American Astronomical Society
Member, American Association of Physics Teachers
Member, National Science Teachers Association
Member, Phi Beta Kappa (Lehigh University Chapter President, 2004-5)
Member, Sigma Xi
Member, Board of Directors, Discovery Center of Science and Technology, 1997-98
Member, International Advisory Committee, ICDS, 1991-97
Advisor, Lehigh University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students
Co-Chair, 16th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS), 1991

1986 Tau Beta Pi Excellence in Teaching Award, Lehigh University
1987 College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Service Teaching Award, Lehigh
1988 Stabler Award for Excellence in Teaching, Lehigh
1996 Friend of Education Award, Bethlehem Area School District
2000 Election to Science Hall of Fame, Discovery Center, Bethlehem, PA
2000 PA House of Representatives Citation for Science Outreach Service
2006 Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Award for Science Outreach Contributions

Selected Publications

Tupa, P.R., G.G. DeLeo, G. E. McCluskey, Y. Kondo, J.Sahade, A. Gimenez, D.B. Caton. 2013. UV Spectroscopic Analysis of Transient Mass Flow Outburst in U Cephei, The Astrophysical Journal 775: 46-67.

DeLeo, G.G., A. Weidenhammer, K.D. Wecht. 2012. A Computer Story: Complexity from Simplicity. The Science Teacher (NSTA), Vol. 79, No. 7: 48-53.

Boucher, D.E., G.G. DeLeo, and W.B. Fowler. 1999. Simulations of GaN using an environment-dependent empirical tight-binding model. Phys. Rev. B 59: 10064-10070.

Inbar, I., and G.G. DeLeo. 1995. A new tight-binding total energy method for ferroelectric oxides. Ferroelectrics 164: 213-224.

Boucher, D.E., and G.G. DeLeo. 1994. Tight-binding quantum molecular-dynamics simulations of hydrogen in silicon. Phys. Rev. B 50: 5247-5254.

Burnard, M.J., and G.G. DeLeo. 1993. Interstitial carbon and the carbon-carbon pair in silicon: Semiempirical electronic-structure calculations. Phys. Rev. B 47: 10217-10225.

Myers, S.M. et al. 1992. Hydrogen interactions with defects in crystalline solids. Rev. Mod. Phys. 64: 559-617.

Recent Papers Presented at Meetings (Astrophysics)

P.R. Tupa, G.G. DeLeo, and G.E. McCluskey, Jr. 2011. Spectral Analysis of the Mass Flow in Binary System U Cephei. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 43, No. 2, Paper 144.05.

P.R. Tupa, S. Quirin, G.G. DeLeo, and G.E. McCluskey, Jr. 2007. Using an Iterative Fourier Series Approach in Determining Orbital Elements of Detached Visual Binary Stars. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 39, No. 4, p. 729.

Recent Papers and Education Programs Presented at Meetings (Science Education)

2012 American Association of Physics Teachers, Winter Meeting, Ontario, CA, “Relating the Nature of Light and Technologies That Use It” (Invited Paper, GE01)

2001 Science Teachers Workshop and Plasma Science Expo, Long Beach, CA (American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics Meeting).

1999 Plasma Science Expo, Seattle, WA (American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics Meeting).

1999 Annual Meeting of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Minneapolis, MN.

Precollege Science Outreach Programs: Lehigh University

Science Outreach Programs: October 2003 - December 2014
Approximate Number of Programs: 1,400
Approximate Number of Attendees: 44,000
(Note: This is a partial count; Science Outreach Programs have been run since 1990)


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