The Wonderful World of Calvin and Hobbes (aka Fat Boy and Stinky)

Calvin and Hobbes are the original names of our cats, named after our favorite comic strip.  Calvin's name stuck (i.e., he responded to it), but Hobbes' did not.  Unfortunately for her, we had to come up with another name to which we thought she'd respond.  After a short time and the realization that for such a little creature she sure had an aromatic way about her... we determined that Stinky would be a name that described her well and that her little brain could comprehend.  Her alternate names are Pretty Girl, Stinky Doodle, Poody, and Little Brain.  Calvin is, on occasion, referred to as Fat Boy, Chubs, Fat with Sticks for Legs (his Indian name) and Lug Head.

What you'll find here are too many pictures of them to be considered healthy, but hey, it's better than pictures of Dave and me.  They're way cuter.  Enjoy!


Just relaxing!Calvin in the Big Chair
Possessed     ~You are under my control, you are under my control ~

Bag Head Though hard to tell, this is a more youthful and sprite Calvin, in his reclusive days.


Stinky in the Garden   In the garden, nosing around.....

I thought you said there was a mouse up here !!!

Putting the desk together

   A matched set!


Action shot

Will she make it?    Yep, she made it!

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