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Subject:       Re: QUESTION: Wondering about animated Gif                  
It is called gif89a Animation.  Works GREAT and is EASY to do.  I have    
one on my home page at and one         
for work at  To          
learn how to do it there is
 a tutorial on animated GIFs

Date:    Mon, 18 Mar 1996 06:36:48 -0800                                 
From:    "Adam S. Miller"                  
Subject: SUMMARY: Progressive JPEGS                                         
I asked yesterday how one created a progressive JPEG. Below I'll give a    
commentary. In the meantime for those who want a quick answer, go to this 
I got a message today which stated the following:                         
inTouch Technologies sells a photoshop plug-in for $22.                   
tel 415 854 8036                                                      
they have a web site where you can download the software                 
but i don't have the address of hand.                                    
initially netscape had touble in reading the pjpeg                        
files (on a mac) but later resolved itself 8-)                              
there's also a FIF fractal image format which                            
should be better than than jpegs.                                   the                                 
Which also looks excellent, though I have yet to try it for myself (just  
downloaded it). Both are shareware.                                   
Adam S. Miller            Webcrossings - Designs for the Web                
re's a viewer but neither                            
the plug-in nor the application to create the images                      
are ready.                                                               
good luck                                                              
I could not find inTouch at first so I ran a Lycos search (yeah, yeah, call
me old-fashioned ... I still start with Lycos most times before trying Alta
Vista) where I found the Japanese page. On that page, I found the location
of the in-Touch filter's information                                  
And then came across the BoxTop site                                        
This looks like a great solution (if you're a Mac user, as I am; other    
platforms should check out what's available at the Japanese page, as DOS,
WIN and MAC platforms were represented there). BoxTop turns out to have
made PhotoGIF, something I never looked into because my version of     
Photoshop came with a GIF89 export filter. But their's appears much better,
and they make a Progressive JPEG filter for PShop called ProJPEG            


Beginner's Guide to HTML
Frames tutorial other than the one                    
at ?
 just about anything
relating to html is linked off of it:                                       
I have a little thing on a page which presents a series of gifs
which make a single line of text change color and then change to
a different line of text. All the text is a link too.
Are you saying you can present progressive jpegs and create some        
interesting effects with animation?                                            
If anyone would like to look at that effect, check the 'Netscape users
click here for the slide show' on the following page:                
There is supposed to be a utility at                                           
which will convert regular (?) GIF and JPEG to Progressive JPEG.            
Haven't been there yet.
And another word for the wizened: remember that the 2.0 Netscape             
Navigator is a beta version, and it acts like it (at least the Mac
version)!  I use 1.1N for my daily work, and only use 2.0 when I
need to look at frames or other "enhancements".
Here's some URLs:                                                       
Netscape's frames doc (both from  
And companies using frames:                                                    
7th Level
Atlantic Records
BellSouth Network Solutions
Cool Site of the Day
Dimension X
EQE International
Federal Express
Global Commerce Link
High Five
House of Blues New Media
Internet Fashion Mall
Piper Studios, Inc.
Siegel and Gale
Silicon Graphics Just found the info, at Netscape's site. >From, select the "Performance" icon in the lower frame. They say: PROGRESSIVE JPEG The new Progressive JPEG file format loads images up to three times more quickly than the GIF format and provides faster intermediate image recognition, so users on slow connections can view color-rich images quickly. The demo is at: /progressive_jpeg.html The image does load quite fast (even over a measly 14.4 connection), and does appear to be similar in loading process to an interlaced GIF. They say "check back soon for more info" on creating them. Progressive jpegs can be produced using version 6 of jpgsrc, available from in the graphics/jpeg directory. This is source code for the popular "cjpeg" and "djpeg" utilities, and it will compile on just about anything. Support for progressive jpegs seems to be new to version 6. Yes. There is a nice list of color swatches and their associated RGB values at: I am sure everyone has come across a web page that is cool to look at (neat backgrounds, bright colors, and lots of graphics) but no one stays very long because of those same reasons. The background makes it hard to read the text, the images take forever to load and the colors become grating. It is possible using photoshop and other soft-ware to create high-impact web pages that *don't* irritate and conform to good design principles. to be honest my pages for the most part do not do this! Soon they will though! Also...look at the code..I did some interesting tricks that I would like to hear some feedback on! I found an excellent utility that will give me the exact colors I want for background, text and links. It is called Color Browser, version 1.1; located at or e-mail -- I do not remember how I found it, but it really works well. There is also a web site where you can check how your colours work together: Background Color Hex Converter at I have written a little utility program which is freeware that generates colors and hex color codes that you can paste into your code. It's fun! Enjoy! Elizabeth Hamilton (It's midterm time and this server may be busy. Mirror site: Subject: passwords If you're on a CERN based system, check out if on an NCSA based system, try Re: The questions about limiting access to a set of pages. The site I use has a nice little "info" page on how to do this on their system. My guess is that it could be easily analogized to most systems so you may want to check it out. It's at Laura Lemay's new book is out, Teach Yourself More Web Publishing with HTML in a Week. Ok, the title is a bit too long, but the book is wonderful. Covers all the table stuff, and the netscape enhancements. It also has a full discussion on HTML 3.0. Netscape keeps a great list of their extensions. Go to for a complete list of stuff. Some of them even let you see what a page with that color would look like.Check out For some strange reason, the frame syntax page is hard to find: Is there a piece of software that will take a graphic (in most formats) and allow you to create image maps from it? For PC platform the overwhelming response was MapEdit. All the information for this program, and place to download it from are at: SEE FOR YOURSELF: the URL for the class input form is I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FIND A BOOK OF THE TAGS BUT THERE IS AN EXELLENT PAGE ON THE WEB THAT HAS ALL THE TAGS. YOU CAN FIND IT AT YAHOO BY SEARCHING FOR SANDIA HTML. CGI scripts for various purposes
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 22:28:45 CST From: John DeNicola Subject: INFO: Search Engine - CGI Applications The attached file will launch your netscape browser to a very good website for those looking for CGI Applications. The CGI Collection

The CGI Collection

Purpose: Central location of CGI information and CGI Scripts

I don't know about you, but when looking for CGI information ... and especially CGI scripts I've had to hunt around the world to find them. Which, in doing so, the hunt usually ended up wasting alot of my time instead of doing something productive implimenting them.

So here you have it. Any comments, questions, or whatever, use the handy form provided.
Also if you have any scripts, send them to me at and they will be placed here as well.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners

Enjoy! CGI Scripts

CGI Information

the script.

To see it in action, click here.

Links to other related sites

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Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 22:50:03 CST                                       
From:    E+C Behme                                         
Subject: SUMMARY: Animated GIFs - (thanks for the help)                        

About a week ago, I requested information on how to assemble those nifty       
animated gifs. The response to this - my first - request was quite        
wonderful, and I should like to thank each and everyone of those who        
wrote to me.                                                             
I am working with a Mac:                                                      
I followed a lead from (Joe Block), who was kind            
enough to send me a copy of a similar thread dealing with animated gifs.      
In this exchange, mention was made of a program called GifBuilder by          
Yves Piguet of Switzerland. At the time Joe was dealing with the                
question, GifBuilder was not yet quite ready. Now it is!                        
The URL for this programme is:                                               
I downloaded this nifty pieces of software, and within a few minutes,         
 SUMMARY: HTML TAGS                               
Sorry guys, I didn't catch this original post.
This seems to be a pretty complete list:                                 


  Laura Lemay lists this sites and search engines in her book _Teach      
    Yourself More Web Publishing with HTML in a Week_ (Sams Net, 1995):      
        * freeWAIS - this is freeware
        * Harvest (I was unable to access this site, but you might have better
           This is freeware                                                
       * Glimpse - this is freeware                                      
       * Verity Topic - This is commercial software. I don't have prices any for

    I have another book that offers actual code if you want to code your    
    own search engine.  _How to Set up and Maintain a World Wide Web Site_ by
    Lincoln D. Stein (Addison-Wesley, 1995)               
   Robert Jon Mudry describes another search engine in his book _Serving the
   Web_ (Coriolis Group Books, 1995), and I think it's freeware, called SWISH.
   The URL is  Mudry also offers
   this URL to an ftp Sunsite listing of WAIS servers:                           
Cheers and thanks again to all who responded!!!  This was really         
helpful for me and I hope my summary helps you, too.                     
Nancy Hoft                                                                
CoAuthor, _The Web Page Design Cookbook_ and CDROM, Wiley, 1996.
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