Working Papers



  1. Minimum Variance Hedging when Spot Price Changes are Partially Predictable, 2008, with Louis H. Ederington, Journal of Banking and Finance.

  1. Privatization in America, published as a chapter in Transforming Public Enterprises In Europe and The Americas: Networks, Integration and Transnationalisation, Kluwer Publishers, 2007, with William Megginson and Candra Chahyadi


  1. Entrenchment and the Stock Price Reaction to Sudden Executive Deaths, presented at the FMA conference, Chicago 2005, the 2006 Corporate Governance course in Aarhus, Denmark, led by Randall Morck. Also presented at the American Finance Association meeting at New Orleans, 2008 (dissertation paper #1).

  1. Dividend Initiations, Analyst Forecasts, and the Cost of Capital, presented at the Southwest Finance Association, Oklahoma City, 2006 and at the FMA conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2006 (dissertation paper #2).

  1. Test of the Cash Holdings Hypothesis: Evidence from Dividend Initiations, to be presented at the FMA conference, Orlando, Florida, 2007 (dissertation paper #3).

  1. Is there a Lower Propensity to Pay Dividends? A Decomposition of Dividend Payers, with Candra Chahyadi, presented at the FMA conference, Chicago 2005
    winner, PhD student research paper of the year, Southwest Finance Association, Oklahoma City, 2006.

  1. Who Speculates? Evidence from the Gold Industry, with Tim Adam and Chitru Fernando. Presented at the European meeting of the Financial Management Association, Barcelona, Spain, 2007, at the FMA conference, Orlando, Florida, 2007, and at the European Finance Association meeting in Slovenia, 2007.

  1. A Simulation Based Study of Financial Networks and Contagion, with Chitru Fernando.

  1. Why are Electricity Markets Slow in Developing? Systemic Risk, Contagion and Market Collapse in Electricity Networks, with Chitru Fernando.

  1. Poverty in Mexico during the 1990's, presented to satisfy partial requirements of Masters in Arts program at Miami of Ohio


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