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office: Room 408, Lewis Laboratory (main Physics building)

Textbook Information for Physics 11:

If you will be taking Physics 11 from me, you will need three items:

1)     The textbook is Young and Freedman, "University Physics" 12th edition.  "Volume 1" is all you should need, but there are so many versions that you should make sure your purchase includes chapters 1-14 and 17-20.   Before purchasing the textbook through ANY channel, you may want to look at the bundled deals from the publisher, since they seem to be heavily discounted.  (See next point.)

2)     A subscription to the MasteringPhysics online homework system is required.  It can be purchased bundled with the textbook at a substantial saving, purchased separately from the bookstore or publisher, or you can even subscribe instantly on-line at

3)     An audience response clicker is required for graded lecture activities.  You can purchase this from the bookstore.  If you purchase a used clicker from a prior-semester student, please be aware that the battery will probably need to be replaced.

Resources for students in introductory Physics:

From Prof. Dan Stryer at Oberlin College are two excellent pages:
Study Tips for Introductory Physics Students and Solving Problems in Physics
For faster downloading, I have local copies here:
Study Tips for Introductory Physics Students and Solving Problems in Physics

There is a learning center on-campus: Center for Academic Success in the University Center, (x8-4154).
The Dean of Students Office sponsors a peer tutoring service (x8-4154).
Some problems can be handled best by the University Counseling Service.

Other good links:

How Things Work Home Page
Physics 2000 web site for modern physics.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific's website for astronomy education resources.
My links page

Dr. Norris Preyer's pages with E&M simulations and links are here.
The Lehigh University Physics Department has lots of good physics links.
So does the Lehigh Library Electronic Resources page.
The Lehigh University Main Web Page is here.

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