Jeffrey A. Sands

Professor of Biological Sciences, Lehigh University, 1983-present

Assistant/Associate Professor of Physics, Lehigh University, 1973-1983

Some early biophysics publications (1969-1974)

First journal article: Preiss, J. W., and J. A. Sands. 1969. Pancreatic Ribonuclease-Poly G complexes: complete inhibition of Poly U hydrolysis. Biophysical Journal 9: 1223-1232.

Second journal article: Sands, J.A., W. Snipes, and S. Person. 1972. Mutagenesis by tritium: decays originating from growth and storage in tritiated water and from chemostatic growth in the presence of tritiated nucleic acid arecursors. International Journal of Radiation Biology 22: 197-202.

First major article from Lehigh: J. A. Sands, J. Cupp, A. Keith, and W. Snipes. 1974. Temperature sensitivity of the assembly process of the enveloped bacteriophage phi-6. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Biomembranes 373: 277-285.

Some representative publications with Lehigh doctoral students since 1975

Virology book chapter: (Ph.D. research of Dave Auperin, Al Reinhardt, and Steve Cadden): Sands, J.A., D. Auperin, P. Landin, A. Reinhardt, and S. Cadden. 1978. Antiviral effects of fatty acids and derivatives: lipid-containing bacteriophages as a model system. Symposium on the Pharmacological Effects of Lipids, AOCS Monograph No. 5, Chapter 8, pages 75-96. This chapter summarized some of the results we published in a series of over 20 journal articles, mostly in Journal of Virology and Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, between 1975 and 1981.

Bacterial genetics article: (Ph.D. research of Ken Pidcock): Pidcock, K.A., Montenecourt, B.S., and J.A. Sands. 1985. Genetic recombination and transformation in protoplasts of Thermomonospora fusca. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 50: 693-695.

Fungal biochemistry article: (Ph.D. research of Katherine Meyer-Siegler): 1985. Regulation of cellulase biosynthesis and secretion in fungi. Biochemical Society Transactions, 411-414.

Fungal biotechnology article: (Ph.D. research of Hannele Merivuori): Merivuori, H., B. Montenecourt, and J.A. Sands. 1987. Ethanol perturbs glycosylation and inhibits hypersecretion in Trichoderma reesei. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 53: 463-465.

Fungal genetics article: (Ph.D. research of John Gilly): Gilly, J., and J.A. Sands. 1991. Electrophoretic karyotype of Trichoderma reesei. Biotechnology Letters 13: 477-482.

Virus structure article: (Ph.D. research of H. Marie Lawrence): Lawrence, H.M., and J.A. Sands. 1992. Structure of two theromphilic bacteriophages and their DNA genomes during heat inactivation. Journal of Structural Biology 109: 177-183.

Papillomavirus genetics article: (Ph.D. research of Eileen Epsaro): Epsaro, E., J. Burton, S. Mathieson, J. Merola, and J.A. Sands. 1994. Utilization of a PCR-based, multiple restriction endonuclease digest technique for enhanced detection and typing of HPV from clinical samples. Immunology of Human Papillomaviruses, M.A. Stanley, ed., Plenum Press, N.Y. pages 45-50.

Bacterial genetics article: (Ph.D. research of Dave Norwood): Norwood, D. A., and J. A. Sands. 1997. Physical map of the Clostridium difficile chromosome. Gene 201: 159-168.

Papillomavirus function article: (Ph.D. research of Joe Joyce): Joyce, J.G., J.S. Tung, C.T. Przysiecki, J.C. Cook, E.D. Lehman, J.A. Sands, K.U. Jansen, and P.M. Keller. 1999. The L1 major capsid protein of human papillomavirus type 11 recombinant virus-like particles interacts with heparin and cell-surface glycoaminoglycans on human keratinocytes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 274: 5810-5822.

Papillomavirus detection and characterization article: (Ph.D. research of Christine Roberts): Roberts C. C., A. S. Tadesse, J. A. Sands, T. Halvorsen, T. L. Schofield, A. Dalen, F. E. Skjeldestad and K. U. Jansen. 2006. Detection of HPV in Norwegian cervical biopsy specimens with type-specific PCR and reverse line blot assays. Journal of Clinical Virology 36: 277-282.


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