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PHY 474: Seminar in Modern Physics

Spring Semester, Summer



This is a seminar course that reviews current topics of research in the wide field of measurement technologies, data analysis, or light-matter interaction.

Topics for the seminars will be discussed in an organizational meeting, taken from modern literature or research activities. Students will then prepare a paper and a presentation for two different topics. We will discuss in general the best ways to communicate scientific results, and how abstracts, papers, and other materials must be produced, including choices of software. After each presentation, there will be a question and answer session, and a discussion about the quality of the presentation and of the paper, and about how they can be improved.

In this course you will learn about current research activities and data analysis (e.g. curve fitting), but you will also learn how to create good scientific presentations for conferences and seminars, and how to write good scientific papers. In addition to developing the ability to compare measured data with models, the stress is also on the understanding and in-depth discussion and criticism of the materials that are presented, as well as in improving the ability of the individual presenter to communicate scientific results in oral, graphical, and/or written form.


In the past we covered topics such as coherent light matter interaction, measurement techniques, negative refractive index and what it means, excitons in various materials.

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