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PHY 090: Introductory Physics

Fall Semester


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2006 syllabus (PDF)

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This is a First-Year Class that covers moving objects and how their speed and energy changes when they are pushed by an external force (such as a spring, or the gravitational force), and a little bit how heat and temperature can be related to energy, especially for simple gases. In other words, this class “will cover topics in Newtonian mechanics, special relativity, and thermodynamics”.

The content of this course parallel Physics 11 (the introductory physics class that is required of science and engineering students at Lehigh) except that this course is taught in a small class setting.

Physics 90 (this course) is recommended for students with a particular interest in the physical sciences. As an Arts and Sciences College First-Year Class, enrollment is limited, and first preference is given to students in the Arts and Sciences College.

The text for the course is volume 1 of Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Paul Tipler and Gene Mosca. There are four classes per week, two that focus on teaching basic principles and two dedicated to questions&answers and to the application of the new physical concepts learned in class to the analysis of specific problems. Problem sets are assigned regularly, and there are two hour exams and a final exam.

Physics 90 is interchangeable with Physics 11 in any academic program. Students should also register for Physics 12 (Introductory Physics Laboratory I). Prerequisite: Math 21, 31, or 51, previously or concurrently. (FYC, NS)

2006 syllabus (PDF)

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