LU Info Provider WWW Authoring: Suggested Sites for More Information

General WWW Authoring Information:

Introduction to HTML and URLs
By Ian Graham, author of The HTML Sourcebook. Click on ToC to navigate. Explains parts of an HTML document in sequence; HTML 3+ compliant; includes Netscape and Microsoft extensions.
World-Wide Web FAQ
Answers to a wide range of questions about how the WWW works and how to author for the WWW. Assumes varying levels of Internet expertise.
WebMastery Resource Lists
Bibliographies/Link lists of Web Style manuals, HTML & Learning HTML, WWW information, servers, browsers & images
Introduction to HTML 3.2
Information on HTML 3.2, the proposed newest HTML standard.
Creating Net Sites
Links to Netscape's authoring guides and documentation, as well as others'.
Hypertext Theory as if the WWWeb Matters
A discussion of Hypertext Theory as it relates to the web, and how to create good Hypertext.
Netscape Extensions to HTML 2.0 (including Backgrounds)
Netscape's documentation for tables, backgrounds, and dynamic updating.
Netscape Extensions to HTML 3.0 (including Client-Side Imagemaps)
Netscape's documentation for client-side imagemaps, style extensions.
Netscape Tips on Creating High-Impact Documents
Information on Interlaced GIFs, JPEGs, image size & resolution.
The HTML Writers Guild
Organization for HTML writers. Includes links to HTML Resources, such as useful URLs, tutorials & mailing list archive, style guides & specifications.
WWW Authoring Information
Frames-based subject-organized listing of WWW authoring guides, including basic and advanced HTML, multimedia, images, perl, java, and other topics.
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Reference work covering all HTML 3.2 tags.
Sun's Guide to Web Style
A reference work of a Style Guide. Includes up-to-date information on content considerations, including Java.
The World Wide Web- tools for aspiring web weavers
From NASA. Includes links togeneral WWW, general HTML, advanced HTML, VRML, etc. guides.
W3C's Style Guide for Online Hypertext
Straight from the horse's mouth, this is the Style Guide from the WWW Consortium, written by Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web. A little out of date, though.
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
Another perspective on WWW style; one of the "canonical" guides. Includes links to tutorials.


Find out which HTML features your browser supports.
A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
Enter the URL of your page and have it checked for proper HTML.
Doctor HTML
Enter your URL and get a slightly more rigorous test report, including size and time to load estimates.
HTML Form-Testing Home Page
Test out your HTML-based form to see if it's ok.


Resources posted by a "how-to" magazine for web developers.
Primarily business-focused Web developers' magazine; Ask Dr. Website is a question-and-answer posting for "how-to's".

Development and Design

Art and the Zen of Web Sites
A humorous but practical guide to thinking about your web design.
Webmaster Reference Library
Searchable bookshelf of materials targeted at serious Web developers.
Web Developers' Virtual Library
Heavily-organized collection of reference materials for web developers, including an encyclopedia of web terms, plus a "library" of information resource listings.
The Web Designer
Fairly simple listings of sites for web developers. Includes style guides and HTML tutorials.
Web Design Information
Instructions for image maps, forms, cgi scripts, server side includes, access limitations, etc.
Web Weavers' Bibliography
Annotated Listing Of HTML-related papers, style guides, and tutorials.

Advanced Features

NCSA HTTPd Server Overview
Documentation for the Web Server software we run at Lehigh.
NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: SSI
How to do Server-Side Includes in NCSA HTTPd (manufacturer's instructions)
Matt Kruse's tutorial on SSI
A tutorial on Server-Side Includes.
Jeff Spirko's tutorial on SSI
Server-side includes specifically for Lehigh users.
A CGI Programmer's Reference
Links to information for CGI programmers.
Netscape Dynamic Documents
Server push & client pull; updating documents dynamically (while the client is viewing them).
Netscape Frames Tutorial
Illustrated tutorial on creating Netscape Frames, from NewbieNet.
Netscape LiveScript/Javascript
Using Javascript for Netscape browsers.
Sun's Java
Information about the Java programming language from SUN.

JAH, 17 Sept 1996.