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Table of Contents:

* Introduction
* Principles
* Preliminary Analysis
* Mechanics
* General HTML Concerns
* Specific HTML Concerns
* Graphics
* Required Elements

Web Style Guide

Required Elements

This section provides guidelines for what are typically called "departmental" pages at Lehigh. These pages are created to provide information to a wide range of visitors, including the university community, potential students and their families, alumni, scholars, and casual visitors.

The term Departmental pages covers a wide spectrum of "types" of pages. Groups providing such pages range from student clubs, university organizations, colleges, academic departments, and administrative groups. Although at first glance, these groups may not appear to have anything in common, they all are a vital part of Lehigh's "official" web presence. A closer look reveals the following:

  • they provide information about an officially sanctioned entity of the University
  • the content of the pages is usually provided by someone other than the creator or maintainer of the pages
  • maintenance of the pages is "on-going"
  • the person responsible for maintaining the pages is usually not the creator
  • the information contained on the pages must be timely and accurate in order to be useful

Content Requirements

Departmental Pages, at a minimum, should contain the following information. These are in addition to the items noted in General HTML Concerns and Specific HTML Usage:

Creator Information
The page should have the name, or at least the initials of the author visible on the page. This name should be linked either to a mailto: tag, or perhaps a link to the author's home page.
Maintainer Information
Every page must have a staff member who is designated as the maintainer of that page. The person's name and title must be visible on the page and there must be either a mailto: tag, or a link to a comment form which enables a visitor to contact the maintainer.
Update Information
The date of the last update of the page must be visible, as well as the status of the page, e.g. Updated Weekly.
Navigational Links
Links should be provided to help the visitor move within the pages.
Link to a higher level page
Due to the hypertext nature of the web, there is no set path to a page. From a departmental home page, there should be a link to the Lehigh home page, from a "lower-level" departmental page, there should be a link to the department home page.
Contact Information (For more information please contact...)
A mailto: tag to the departmental account (make sure that someone reads the mail on a daily basis for that account!), a phone number (with area code), and a postal address should be visible on the page.

In addition, Academic departmental pages should contain the following information:

  • name of the college with a link to the college home page
  • chair of the department
  • listing of the faculty members
  • events and programs specific to the department
  • undergraduate information
  • graduate information
  • research activities
  • links to related organizations

Required Code Elements

The comments tag provides a useful way to document HTML source code. Comments should be used in order to provide continuity and explanations about the file. Although comments do not affect the visual contents of the page, they can greatly aid in the functionality of the page. Within a comments tag (multi-line comments should be broken into one line comments to ensure that all browsers interpret them correctly) should be the following information:

  • the original creator of the page, with id and date
  • the current maintainer of the page, with id and date of last update
  • any additional information that is helpful in understanding the nature of the pages, eg. file structure, information sources, schedule of updates, key dates

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