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We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to head up some of our ongoing projects!
This is a great opportunity to gain experience in campus programming!

We offer: Work Study, Internships, and Volunteer Opportunities


*Application for Women's Center Internship*

*Application for Women's Center Work Study*

*Application for Women's Center Volunteering*


Work Study Opportunities

The Women's Center hires students with Federal Work Study. The positions available are described in the Women's Center Volunteer Program.

All Women's Center work-study employees are expected to:

1. Attend a 4 hour retreat at the beginning of every semester.
2. Attend our weekly staff development meetings.
3. Work in the Women's Center at least 2 hours per week for the duration of the semester.
4. Provide basic receptionist and clerical duties when needed (answering the phone, greeting visitors, photocopying, etc.)
5. Attend Women's Center events and programs.
6. Follow the policies and procedures that are described in the Women's Center Staff Handbook.

In addition, each work-study student employee is expected to contribute significantly to at least one of the Women's Center's working groups or other projects. When we interview candidates for a work-study position, we attempt to make a preliminary determination of how the Women's Center's needs and the student's interests and abilities will best fit together.

Interested in applying?

Please fill out a Women's Center Work Study Application
and email it to:

Internship in the Lehigh University Women's Center
(WS 373 1-3 credits)

Have you taken Women's Studies 101? Do you want a chance to put into practice what you've learned about women's and gender issues? Women's Center interns will help the Center fulfill its central mission: to make Lehigh University a safe, equitable and empowering environment for women.

The specific nature of the work will depend on the needs of the Center, and the interests and talents of the individual. Interns will be expected to take responsibility for at least one major project during the semester of their internship.

Interns receive 1-3 course credits for WS 373, depending on how many hours per week they work: 3 credits= 8 hours/week ; 2 credits=6 hours/week; 1 credit=4 hours/week.

All interns must:

  • Attend a staff retreat at the beginning of the semester and staff development meetings
  • Work in the Women's Center for 4-8 hours per week (depending on the number of credits you want to earn) for the duration of the semester
  • Fulfill work responsibilities in accordance with Women's Center staff expectations and requirements
  • Read two non-fiction books on a topic pertinent to women's or gender issues, and submit a paper at the end of the semester on this topic. The paper should discuss the relationship between the readings and your experiences as a Women's Center intern.

More than one position may be available. The course may be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 6 credits. Prerequisites: grade of B or higher in Women's Studies 101 and permission from the Director of the Women's Center.


The Women's Center offers both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to:

  • meet a diverse group of people who believe you can be pro-woman without being anti-male
  • learn about gender and social justice issues
  • share your experiences and thoughts in a welcoming, respectful environment
  • gain valuable planning, organizing, and leadership experience that you can put on your resume.
  • educate other students
  • create positive change on campus, in your life, and in the lives of the people you care about

The majority of the Women's Center's activities, projects, publications and programs are created and produced by students.

Application Process

A minimum time commitment of 2 hours per week is required for specific positions/groups. Some opportunities will require additional time commitments. One-time volunteers are also needed to help with specific events and other jobs throughout the semester. All volunteers will be notified of upcoming opportunities by email.

All volunteers will be required to fill-out an application online, by email, or by hard copy. After the application is received, the volunteer will be scheduled for a short interview with the Director.

During the interview, the volunteer and the Director will discuss where the volunteer will best fit into the Women's Center. Our goal is to make sure that everyone benefits from the process. We want our volunteers to have the best experience possible!

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