Interactivist Summer Institute

May 26-29, 2007

The American University of Paris

Paris, France

ISI 2007 Program

Saturday, 26 May 2007
9:00 Parmenides to Persons
Mark H. Bickhard
10:30 Break
11:00 Parmenides to Persons
Mark H. Bickhard
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Robert Campbell
Self-Esteem: Theoretical and Empirical Issues
3:00 Break
3:30 Interactivism and Cartesian Subjectivity
Itay Shani
4:30 The Role of the Internal Milieu on the Constitution of Different Levels of Agency
Alvaro Moreno & Xabier Barandiaran
Sunday, 27 May 2007
9:00 On the Perversities of Bad Metaphysics
Mark H. Bickhard
10:30 Break
11:00 Of Robots and Functions
Konrad Talmont-Kaminski
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Physicalism, Emergence, and Downward Causation
Richard J. Campbell & Mark Bickhard
3:00 Break
3:30 Epistemic Objects as Interactive Loci
Alex Levine
4:30 Understanding Mental State Lexemes: An Interactivist Alternative to Theory of Mind
Paul J. Thibault
Monday, 28 May 2007
9:00 Towards a Formal Theory of Complex Systems
Juergen Jost
10:00 Why Distinguish Action from Motion in Defining Perceptual Invariants?
Matteo M. Mossio & Dario Taraborelli
10:45 Break
11:15 Emergence of Higher Order Motivational Systems in Artificial Agents
Georgi Stojanov and Andrea Kulakov
12:00 Lunch
2:00 An Autonomous Mental Development Architecture Implemented in a Scalable Database System
Andrea Kulakov and Georgi Stojanov
2:45 Towards a Computational Model for Aesthetics: A Multi-Agent-Based Approach to Modeling Balance
K.Saraschandra and Bipin Indurkhya
3:30 Break
4:00 Challenges for Interactivist-Constructivist Robotics
Razvan V. Florian
4:45 The Brain Doesn't Work That Way
Mark H. Bickhard
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
9:00 Tom Ziemke
Embodied cognition, emotion and autonomy
10:00 Stepping Off the Pendulum: Why Only a Thoroughly Action Based Approach Can Fully Transcend the Nativist-Empiricist Epicycles and Ground Mind in the Natural World.
Jed Allen
10:45 Break
11:15 Dynamical Cognitive Science
Joel Walmsley
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Supporting Attention with Dynamic User Models
Claudia Roda
2:45 Interactivism within a Learning Situation
Grégory Munoz & Sandra Bruno
3:30 Break
4:00 Internalized Activities
Jean-Christophe Buisson
4:45 Frontiers of Interactivism
Mark Bickhard