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Institute for Interactivist Studies


Interactivist Summer Institute 2003
July 22-26, 2003
Botanical Auditorium
Copenhagen, Denmark

Join us in exploring the frontiers of understanding of life, mind, and cognition.  There is a growing recognition - across many disciplines - that phenomena of life and mind, including cognition and representation, are emergents of far-from-equilibrium, interactive, autonomous systems.  Mind and biology, mind and agent, are being re-united.  The classical treatment of cognition and representation within a formalist framework of encodingist assumptions is widely recognized as a fruitless maze of blind alleys.  From neurobiology to robotics, from cognitive science to philosophy of mind and language, dynamic and interactive alternatives are being explored.  Dynamic systems approaches and autonomous agent research join in the effort.

The interactivist model offers a theoretical approach to matters of life and mind, ranging from evolutionary- and neuro-biology - including the emergence of biological function - through representation, perception, motivation, memory, learning and development, emotions, consciousness, language, rationality, sociality, personality and psychopathology.  This work has developed interfaces with studies of central nervous system functioning, the ontology of process, autonomous agents, philosophy of science, and all areas of psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science that address the person.

The conference will involve both tutorials addressing central parts and aspects of the interactive model, and papers addressing current work of relevance to this general approach. This will be our second Summer Institute; the first was in 2001 at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA. The intention is for this Summer Institute to become a traditional biennial meeting where those sharing the core ideas of interactivism will meet and discuss their work, try to reconstruct its historical roots, put forward current research in different fields that fits the interactivist framework, and define research topics for prospective graduate students. People working in philosophy of mind, linguistics, social sciences, artificial intelligence, cognitive robotics, theoretical biology, and other fields related to the sciences of mind are invited to send their paper submission or statement of interest for participation to the organizers (see details below).

Check out previous Interactivist Summer Institutes: 2001



Mark Bickhard <>
Robert Campbell <>
Wayne Christensen <>
John C. Christopher <>
Jesper Hoffmeyer <>
Bipin Indurkhya <>
Clay Morrison <>
Chris Sinha <>
Mikkel H. Sorensen <>
Georgi Stojanov <>
Goran Trajkovski <>
Tom Ziemke <>



• Foundations of Interactivism
Process metaphysics
• Cognition and Representation
Representation emergent in action systems
Dissolution of problems of skepticism, error, Chinese room, etc.
Heuristic learning
Rationality and negative knowledge
• Agents
Autonomous agents
Robotic and computational models of interaction and cognition
• Persons
Social processes and realities



Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA
Institute for Interactive Studies
Cognitive Science Program
Humanities Research Center
IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Electrical Engineering Faculty, SS Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia



If you are interested in the issues mentioned above and wish to share your thoughts and research results with like-minded people, please submit an extended abstract or full paper via email with attached files (in ASCII, rtf, or Word) to:

Interactivist Summer Institute (

Abstracts and papers should be sent taking into account the following format:

  1. Major theme of the paper, related to the major themes given above.
  2. Paper title.
  3. Extended abstract of 500 to 1500 words and/or paper drafts of 2000 to 5000 words, in English.
  4. Author or co-authors with names, addresses, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

All abstracts will be refereed by an independent panel of experts. The judgments of the referees will determine the list of papers to be presented at the conference.

Submission deadline: March 1, 2003. Notification by April 1.

Individuals whose papers have been accepted do not need to submit a separate application for participation. The registration fee is required of everyone.



Participation will be limited to 50 people and by invitation only;
People wishing to participate should submit a short curriculum vitae and a statement of interest to Interactivist Summer Institute. Please include e-mail address and/or fax number, if available. Applications should be received by April 15, 2003.

Notification of acceptance will be provided by May 15, 2003.

The meeting will take place in the Botanical Auditorium, Copenhagen;
A small number of scholarships for partial financial support will be provided by the organizers for graduate students or postdocs.



Submission of papers: March 1 --
Paper notification date: April 1 --
Applications: -- April 15
Notification date: -- May 15
Receipt of registration fee: June 1 June 1
Late registration: Add $50.00 July 1 July 1



Standard registration fee:$150
Student registration fee:$100

Checks should be made out to: Interactivist Summer Institute.

Mail to:

Mark H. Bickhard
Interactivist Summer Institute
17 Memorial Drive East
Bethlehem, PA 18015

For wire transfers:

[Wachovia recently bought First Union, but I am assured that the information below works fine.]

Wire address:

First Union National Bank
Funds Transfer Department
Attention: NC0803
1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28288-0803
ABA # 031201467
Account # 2100012444293
Account Name: Lehigh University

For international wires, these additional identification numbers are required:
CHIPS Participant #0509

You must include your name and identify that the transfer is for the Interactivist Summer Institute.



Hotel Ibsen is a relaxed midpriced hotel close to the venue of the conference.

Arr. Depart. NumRooms Dkr
Double, standard 22.07.03 26.07.03 10 880,00 (117 Euro)

Single, standard 22.07.03 26.07.03 10 735,00 (98 Euro)

Breakfast included.

Deadline for these prices is 22 May 2003 (two months in advance).

The ISI'03 reservation code for Ibsen is Booking Nr: 71341

Hotel Kong Arthur is a bit more expensive and not quite as close to the venue but very nice.

Arr. Depart. NumRooms Dkr
Double, standard 22.07.03 26.07.03 5 1.120,00 (149 Euro
Single, standard 22.07.03 26.07.03 10 915,00 (121 Euro

Breakfast included.

Deadline for these prices is 22 May 2003 (two months in advance).

The ISI'03 reservation code for Hotel Kong Arthur is Booking Nr: 117754

Hotel Jorgensen, our budget accomodation.

We have:

4 singlerooms with bath at 575,00 Dkr (77 Euro) per night
3 singlerooms with shared bath at 475,00 Dkr (64 Euro) per night
5 doublerooms with bath at 700,00 Dkr (94 Euro) per night
4 doublerooms with shared bath at 575,00 Dkr (77 Euro) per night.

Deadline for this one is 1 May 2003 (first of May).

The ISI'03 reservation code for Hotel Jorgensen is ISI '03.

Leda hotel is our fourth hotel. It is not as close to the conference site as the others but it is cheap and only a 10 min. busride away.

Single room: 81 Euro per night.
Double room: 115 Euro per night

No deadline, but book early. For this price refer to The IT University of Copenhagen and ISI'03.

Visiting Copenhagen



Arriving at Copenhagen Airport:

Take the airport train (departs from underneath Terminal 1) towards Helsingor and get off at Norreport Station. It takes 18 min.

If the train does not stop at Norreport St., then get of at Copenhagen Central Station ("Kobenhavn H") which is two stops before.

From Copenhagen Central Station ("Kobenhavn H"):

Take any northbound S-train ("S-tog") two stops to Norreport Station.

Both the conference venue and the three hotels will be within walking distance (a couple of hundred meters) from there.

In general, most trains stop at Norreport Station, so you shouldn't have any problems getting to the hotels or the conference venue.

Hotels, Botanic Auditorium, and Norreport Station


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