Vehicle Rental Request Form

Important Information

  • This form is to be used only by those clubs holding accounts and doing business through the Student Organization Accounts Office. All other organizations should go directly through Transportation Services.
  • In order for the this electronic form to be processed, ALL required fields (account number, phone number, email address, name) MUST be completed. All requests without required information will be discarded.
  • The process for approval will not begin until the request has been confirmed. If you do not hear from this office within 3 business days, please call to check on the status of your request.

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Charges Associated With Your Vehicle Rental
  • Cars are a flat rate of $39 per day for unlimited miles, plus gas.
  • 7 passenger minivans are $44 per day, plus gas. This includes 100 miles per day free and $0.20 per mile over that.
Total Estimated Rental Cost  *
Note: When necessary, a gas card is given to you when you sign your rental agreement. The expenses incurred with your gas card are automatically charged to your account along with the rental fee.
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I, the sender of this form, have made the above request in good faith and in conjunction with the good of the organization and university policies. I understand that the approved request is specific to these expenditures. Any other manner in which this money is spent will be in violation of policies and procedures and I may be held responsible for repayment.

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