Events & Activities

  1. The club or organization president must keep current club officers and advisor(s) information up to date on the HUB and with the Student Organization Accounts Coordinator. This is necessary to keep you informed of changes in policy, notify you of deadlines, disseminate important information and to inform you of special events taking place in which you may have an interest.
  2. All functions and/or events must be scheduled on or before the last day of class. No programming will be permitted during RCS or finals.
  3. Participation in events held by student organizations is generally limited to Lehigh students, faculty and staff. Permission may be granted to an organization that would like to hold an event where participants will be other than members of the Lehigh Community. This requires special steps be taken to insure the safety of all involved. Please see the Director of Student Activities for instructions.
  4. Review the Student Organization Group Activity policies