Work/Life Balance

This section of the site provides information on university programs and policies designed to help Lehigh faculty members balance the responsibilities of their professional and personal lives. Resources include links to the Work/Life Balance information and the Child Care Center, as well as links to the FMLA and Lehigh’s Tenure Clock Extension policies and forms.

Faculty Work Life Balance and Dual Career Information (PDF)
To obtain printed copies, email FDCAP.

Working and Living in the Lehigh Valley


Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program
Faculty Dual Career Guidelines
NJ/Eastern PA/DE Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)
Domestic Partners Policy (PDF)
Family and Medical Leave
Full-time Leave
Intermittent Leave (Modified Duties)
Tenure-Clock Extension
Lehigh Sloan Research Grants
Child Care
Family Care
Family and Medical Leave
Tenure-Clock Extension
Lehigh Sloan Research Grants
Personal Illness or Disability
Short-term Disability Policy
Family and Medical Leave Act
Tenure-Clock Extension
ADA Manual for Faculty

Lehigh Sloan Research Grants

Covid Support Grants

Employee Assistance Program

FMLA Policy and Forms

Family and Medical Leave Policy for Faculty

Human Resources FMLA Request Form (PDF)
Human Resources must approve the leave based on medical certification or other documentation. The HR FMLA form should be filled out by the faculty member and sent directly to HR.

Provost's Office Accommodation Form (DOCX)
The Department Chair, Dean, and the Provost's Office must be aware of leave requests for academic planning purposes. For more information, please refer to the second page of the Provost's Office accommodation form.


(updated 7/16/2020)