Lyterati Resources

Data Security

Please read the very important data security document.

Data Security in Using the New Online Faculty ePortfolio System and Lehigh's Rules for Use of the New Online Review System


Library & Technology Services policies cover the appropriate use of library, computing, networking, and telecommunications resources at Lehigh University. All users of LTS facilities, resources, and technology are expected to be familiar with these policies and the consequence of violation.

Library & Computing Policies

Chapter Online Video

Videos will enhance your understanding of the system. Below is video on logging into Lyterati. Additional videos and other resources are available with in the Lyterati system under the Resources tab.

LYTERATI ePortfolio- Getting Started (video)

User Guides


Instructions to Access Prior PAR Reports for Faculty, Department Chairs and Deans (requires Lehigh login to access)

Lehigh Training & User Guide (requires Lehigh login to access)

Workflow User Guide for Deans and Department Chairs (requires Lehigh login to access)

Instructions on AR Response Report (requires Lehigh login to access)



Reappointment Module Training-CLAD Initiation (requires Lehigh login to access)

Reappoinment Module Training Guide - Faculty Candidates (requires Lehigh login to access)

Reappointment Module Training Guide – Department Chairs, Deans, and Special Committees (requires Lehigh login to access)

Reappointment Module Training Guide - Dept Faculty Evaluators and Special Committee Members (requires Lehigh login to access)

Crosswalk - Where to find it in Lyterati

Crosswalk Taxonomy Guidance (requires Lehigh login to access)

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