Hiring International Faculty

These resources consist of guidelines for the special recruitment processes necessary to bring international faculty members to Lehigh, including requirements regarding advertising for open positions, wages, hiring statements, filing requirements, and the maintenance and contents of mandatory compliance files. Also provided is a Special Handling Checklist for faculty searches which involve international candidates.

Special Recruitment Guidelines (PDF)

Special Handling Checklist (PDF)

Inviting an H‐1B Temporary Nonimmigrant Worker Step by Step Guide (PDF)

Faculty members seeking additional information are encouraged to contact Jeanne Ma, Interim Director of International Students and Scholars at 610-758-4873. Faculty members may also contact representatives from the law firms below for more information on the Special Handling and labor certification processes:

Wendy Castor Hess of Landau, Hess, Simon & Choi
Phone:  (215) 925-0705
Email: whess@LHSCimmigration.com

H. Ronald Klasko of Klasko, Rulon, Stock and Seltzer
Phone: (215)-825-8608
Email: rklasko@klaskolaw.com

Faculty members can speak to Jeanne Ma, Wendy Cantor Hess, or H. Ronald Klasko for more information regarding the fees associated with this process.


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