Faculty Endowed Chairs

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Alcoa Foundation Professorship
Martin Harmer

Alison & Norman H. Axelrod Endowed Summer Research Fellowship
Marina Puzakova

Allen C. DuBois Distinguished Professorship
Richard Kish

Andrew W. Mellon Chair
Scott Gordon

Arthur C. Tauck Chair in International Marketing and Logistics
K. Sivakumar

Arthur F. Searing Chair
Shin-Yi Chou

Arthur F. Searing Chair
Chad Meyerhoefer

Axelrod Family Endowed Fellowship
Luba Belkin

Bernard L. and Bertha Cohen Chair in International Relations
Henri Barkey

Bolton-Perella Chair
Kathleen Weiss Hanley

Bruce Johnston Professorship
James Ricles
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Chandler Weaver Chair Professor
Chengshan Xiao

Charles William MacFarlane Professorship
Robert Thornton

Charlot & Dennis E. Singleton '66 Endowed Chair in Corporate Governance
Andrew Ward

Charlotte and Robert L. Brown III '78 Endowed Summer Research Fellowship
Naomi Rothman

Clara H. Stewardson Professorship
Roslyn E. Weiss

Class of ’61 Professorship
Michael Spear

Class of ’61 Professorship
Xuanhong Cheng

Class of ’61 Professorship
Melpomene Katakalos

Class of ’61 Professorship
William Bulman

Class of ’61 Professorship
Marietta Peytcheva

Class of ’61 Professorship
Ernest Lai

Class of ’61 Professorship
Bridget Dever

Daniel E. ’39 and Patricia M. Smith Endowed Chair
Nelson Tansu

Danser Distinguished Faculty Chair in Chemistry
Robert Flowers

Edmund W. Fairchild Chair
Michael Raposa

Everett Pitcher Professor of Mathematics
Huai-Dong Cao
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Fazlur Rahman Khan Chair
Dan Frangopol

Francis J. Ingrassia & Elizabeth McCaul Endowed Professorship
Muzhe Yang

Francis J. Trembley Chair in Earth and Environmental Sciences
Anne Meltzer

Frank Hook Assistant Professorship
L. Brook Sawyer

Frank Hook Assistant Professorship
Irina Panovska

Frank Hook Assistant Professorship
Sera Cremonini

Frank Hook Assistant Professorship
Lucy Napper

Frank L. Magee Professorship
Andreea Kiss

Franklin J. Howes Jr. Distinguished Professorship
Manoj Chaudhury

G. Whitney Snyder Professorship
Israel Wachs

George N. Beckwith ’32 Professorship
Oliver Yao

Hans J. Baer Endowed Chair in International Finance in the College of Business and Economics
Nandkumar Nayar

Harold Chambers Junior Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering
Nicholas Strandwitz

Harold Chambers Senior Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering
Christopher Kiely

Harvey E. Wagner Chair in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Katya Scheinberg

Helene & Allen Apter Chair of Holocaust Studies & Ethical Values
Nitzan Lebovic

Howard S. Bunn Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry
David Vicic

Iacocca Chair
Arpana Inman

Iacocca Chair
Jack Lule

Iacocca Chair
Shaline Kishore
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James T. Kane Faculty Fellowship
Nevena Koukova

John B. O’Hara Professorship
Heibotallah Sami

Joseph A. Waldschmitt Chair in Physics
Ivan Biaggio

Joseph R. Perella and Amy M. Perella Chair
Paul Brockman

Joseph R. Perella and Amy M. Perella Chair
C. Bryan Cloyd

Joseph T. Stuart Professorship
Richard Sause

Loewy Chair in Materials Forming and Processing
Wojciech Z. Misiolek

Louis and Jane P. Weinstock ’36 Endowed Chair in Art and Architecture
Lucy Gans

Lucy G. Moses Distinguished Professorship in Sociology
Cameron Wesson

Monroe J. Rathbone Distinguished Professorship in International Relations
Norrin Ripsman

National Endowment of Humanities Distinguished Chair
Constance Cook

National Endowment of Humanities Distinguished Chair
Paul Salerni

National Endowment of Humanities Distinguished Chair
Richard K. Matthews

New Jersey Zinc Company Professorship
Helen M. Chan
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P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor
Xiaochen Guo

P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor
Brandon Krick

P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor
Spencer Quiel

P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor
Srinivas Rangarajan

P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor
Jonas Baltrusaitis

P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor
Yi-Chen (Ethan) Yang

P.C. Rossin Senior Professor
Arup Sengupta

P.C. Rossin Senior Professor
Panayiotis Diplas

Paul B. Reinhold Professorship
Donald O. Rockwell

Peter E. Bennett '63 Chair in Urban Principalship
Floyd Beachum

Peter E. Bennett Chair in the College of Business and Economics
James Hall

Philip and Muriel Berman Chair of Jewish Civilization
Jodi Eichler-Levine

Philip and Muriel Berman Chair in Jewish Studies
Hartley Lachter

Presidential Chair in Health – Science and Engineering
Wonpil Im

Presidential Chair in Health - Social Sciences and Humanities
Dena Davis

R.L. McCann Professorship
Mayuresh Kothare

Robert Cutler Endowed Professor of Practice in Choral Arts
Sun Min Lee

Robert D. Rodale Chair in Writing
Barry Kroll

Robert D. Stout Distinguished Professor
John DuPont

Robert W. Wieseman 1916 Endowed Engineering Chair
Anand Jagota

Robert W. Wieseman Chair in Electrical Engineering
Rick Blum

Ronald J. Ulrich Endowed Chair in Music
Steven Sametz

Ronald J. Ulrich Chair in Orchestral and String Music
Eugene Albulescu
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Scott Hartz ’68 Term Professorship
Corinne Post

Sherman Fairchild Endowed Chair
Michael Stavola

Soteria & George Kledaras '87 Chair
Tamas Terlaky

Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Professorship
Ke Yang

Theodore L. Diamond Distinguished Chair in Engineering and Applied Science
Himanshu Jain

Theodore A. Lauer Distinguished Professorship of Investments
Haibei Zhao

Thomas J. Campbell '80 Professorship
Charles Stevens

Timothy J. Wilmott '80 Endowed Faculty Chair in Industrial Engineering
Luis Nunes Vicente

University Distinguished Professorship
Benjamin Wright

University Distinguished Professorship
Laura Olson

University Distinguished Professorship
Volkmar Dierolf

University Distinguished Professorship
Steven L. Regen

Webster A. Collins and the Murray H. Goodman Endowed Chair in Real Estate Studies
S. McKay Price

William L. Clayton Distinguished Professorship
Parveen Gupta

William R. Kenan, Jr., Professorship
Michael Santoro

William Wilson Selfridge Professorship
Robin Dillon

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updated: 8/14/18