2015-2018 Timeline of Major Dates and Deliverables

Timeline Action Items Phase
2015 November 9-10  Self-Study Institute Self  Study Design
2015 December- 2016 March  Assemble steering committee amd co-leads
2016 January - June Prepare draft Self-Study Design
2016 April Co-leads meet with respective committee members Self Study Prep Visit & Approval
2016 April 8 Submit draft of Self-Study Design to MSCHE liaison
2016 April 22 MSCHE Vice President Liaison visits to provide feedback on Design
2016 May-June Self-Study Design revisions and completion with approval from MSCHE Self Study Process
2016 August Working group co-leads begin to identify/gather necessary documentation
2016 September Working groups begin to review data, conduct interviews
2016 December 9 Progress updates due from co-leads
2017 January - February Working groups sumbit first draft of reports; receive feedback from steering committee
2017 March - April Second drafts from working groups submitted to Self-Study co-leads
2017 May 5 Co-leads draft Self-StudyReport based on drafts by working groups
2017 August - September Review and community wide discussion of Self Study; revisions made as necessary based on feedback
2017 September Begin preparation of verification of Compliance Report
2017 October Second draft of Self-Study generated and distributed Peer Review Process
2017 November Self-Study draft to compliance chair in advance of preliminary visit
2017 November Preliminary visit by compliance chair; feedback on Self-Study draft
2017 December Verification of Compliance Report due
2018 January Edits/revisions to Self-Study based upon feedback from compliance chair
2018 February  Final version of Self-Study produced and sent to visiting peer team - 6 weeks prior to visit
2018 April Visiitng peer team on campus
2018 May - June Commission meets to determine accrediation action Commission Process