2015-2018 Middle States Self Study Review Committee Members

Accreditation Steering Committee Members

Jennifer Jensen, Tri-Chair
Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs,
Associate Professor, Political Science

Gerard Lennon, Tri-Chair
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Steven H.Wilson, Tri-Chair
Assistant Provost for Academic Affair & Registrar

Debra Rubart
Project Manager, Provost Office

Compliance Working Group:

Yenny Anderson, Co-Lead
Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics

Anne Meltzer, Co-Lead
Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Steven Wilson, Administrative Liaison

Linda Bell
Associate Registrar & Director of Registrarial Services

Walter Conway
Assistant Director, Internal Audit Office

Raymond Pearson
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Marie-Helene Chabut
Professor, Modern Languages & Literature

Standard 1: Mission and Goals

Arpana Inman, Co-Lead
Professor, Counseling Psychology
Chair, Department of Education & Human Services

Joseph Sterrett, Co-Lead
Dean of Athletics

Jennifer Jensen, Administrative Liaison

Bruce Bunnick
Interim Vice Provost, Admissions & Financial Aid

Katherine Lavinder
Dean of Students

Hartley Lachter
Associate Professor, Religion Studies
Chair, Department of Religion Studies

Bridget Dever
Associate Professor, School Psychology

Standard II: Ethics & Integrity

Chris Halladay, Co-Lead
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Linda Lowe-Krentz, Co-Lead
Professor, Biological Sciences

Jennifer Jensen, Administrative Liaison

Chris Mulvihill
Associate Dean of Students

Karen Salvemini
Equal Opportunity Coordinator, General Counsel

Dena Davis
Professor, Religion Studies

Jesus Salas
Associate Professor, Finance & Law

Standard III: Design & Delivery of Student Learning Experience

Greg Reihman, Co-Lead
Associate Vice Provost and Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Jim Dearden, Co-Lead
Professor, Economics

Gerard Lennon, Administrative Liaison

Kathryn Guynn
Director, Student Athlete Academic Services

Vassie Ware
Professor, Biological Sciences

Richard Vinci
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Alexander Wiseman
Associate Professor, Education & Human Services


Katrina Zalatan
Associate Dean & Director, CBE Undergraduate Programs

Greg Tonkay
Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Cam Wesson
Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Standard IV: Support of Student Experience

Jessica Manno, Co-Lead
Director of Assessment, Student Life Curriculum & Staff Development

Brian Davison, Co-Lead
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Gerard Lennon and Steven Wilson, Administrative Liaisons

Jennifer Mertz
Director, Financial Aid

Kathleen Hutnik
Associate Dean & Director, Graduate Student Life

Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Steven Wilson, Co-Lead
Assistant Provost for Academic Affair & Registrar

Lynn Columba, Co-Lead
Associate Professor, Instructional Technology Teacher Education

Gerard Lennon and Steven Wilson, Administrative Liaisons

Lori McClaind
Associate Dean of Students

John Wilson
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Kenneth Sinclair
Professor, Accounting

Standard VI: Planning, Resources, & Institutional Improvement

Mark Ironside, Co-Lead
Executive Director of Business Services

Corinne Post, Co-Lead
Associate Professor, Management

Jennifer Jensen and Steven Wilson, Administrative Liaisons

Delicia Nahman
Sustainability Officer, Office of Sustainability

Warren Loller
Assistant Director, Budget Office

Frank Pazzaglia
Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Chad Meyerhoefer
Professor, Economics

Standard VII: Governance, Leadership & Administration

Denise Blew, Co-Lead
Associate Vice President for Finance and Treasurer,
Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Andrew Ward, Co-Lead
Associate Professor, Management

Jennifer Jensen, Administrative Liaison

Ira Rubien
Associate Vice President, Communications & Public Relations

Henry Odi
Vice Provost, Academic Diversity

Pam Pepper
Professor, Theatre

Anthony McHugh
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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