Partner Programs at Lehigh

Energy Systems Engineering Institute (ESEI)

The ESEI Program offers a professional Master of Engineering in Energy Systems Engineering. The graduates hit the ground running in energy careers, trained in industry technical concepts, business policy and project management.


The capstone project of the ESEI program is a collaborative teamwork with faculty, fellow students, and representatives from sponsor firms.


Faculty from the PORT Lab regularly advise ESEI students on their capstone projects and these students actively further the research efforts of the lab. In fact, one of our Ph.D. student participants is a graduate of the ESEI program.


VISIT: ESEI Program Website

Integrated Networks for Electricity (INE)

The Lehigh University cluster on Integrated Networks for Electricity is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, mathematicians, and economists. We believe that such teams will play a central role in developing tomorrow's advanced electricity systems.


The INE cluster was formed in 2011 with support from the Provost and the Deans of Engineering, Business and Economics, and Arts and Sciences. The cluster has positioned its research on the theme of "Integrated Networks for Electrical, Information, and Financial Flows."


Several PORT Lab faculty and student participants are also members of the INE Research Cluster.


VISIT: INE Cluster Website

Sustainable Development Program (SDEV)

The SDEV program is a cross-college, inter-disciplinary undergraduate minor program focused on the challenges in sustainable development. It provides project-driven, experiential learning through problem solving in small interdisciplinary teams.


Several SDEV students are working with PORT faculty and students to develop community and K-12 educational efforts regarding the role that wave energy can play towards sustainable development.


VISIT: SDEV Program Website