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Lehigh University
Iacocca Hall

The Center is located at the Iacocca Hall of the Mountaintop Campus of Lehigh University. This building represents a unique 200,000 square feet facility available to the Center as well as to other academic or research units. Among them can be noted the Chemical Engineering Department, the Emulsion Polymers Institute, and the Polymers Interphase Center.

The Center has the use of several dedicated computer facilities with more than 50 PC or workstation computers continuously available to the students, faculty, and staff. In addition to several local-computing networks, the Center’s researchers have access to the Lehigh University central computing facilities and its outside links to other worldwide computing systems and data networks.

Several software packages (MATLAB, SYMULINK, ASCL, MAPLE, HISYS, ASPEN-Plus, SPEED-UP et al.) are available to students, faculty, and staff to enable their computational tasks. The Center continuously evaluates its hardware and software environments and makes appropriate additions to maintain an up-to-date computational environment.

The Center has several laboratories dedicated to process control research work. These laboratories have the most current equipment available for batch processes, complemented with state-of-the-art measurement and control devices. Data acquisition is done with the use of mMAC 6000 real-time computers while the data storage and the process control algorithms utilize the PC-based software ONSPEC. Additional laboratory facilities are available on an as needed basis.



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