Paleomagnetism Laboratory

Lehigh University’s Paleomagnetism Laboratory recently moved into a new building on the Lehigh campus, and with it came a new magnetically shielded room built by Gary Scott and Lodestar Magnetics.

Lehigh University’s Paleomagnetism Laboratory

  • 3 axis 2G Enterprises 755 superconducting rock magnetometer, including alternating field demagnetizer and automatic sample delivery system
  • 2 layer magnetostatically shielded room-background field 350 nT
  • Schonstedt GSD-5 tumbling alternating field demagnetizer
  • ASC Model TD 48-SC thermal demagnetizer modified to allow field to be applied during cooling between two temperature set points
  • Molspin Minispin spinner magnetometer
  • Agico Kappabridge KLY-3S Spinner/Static magnetic susceptibility/anisotropy system
  • Bartington MAG-01 fluxgate magnetometer with axial and transverse probes
  • ASC Scientific IM-10-30 impulse magnetometer (max. field 5 T)
  • Modification to GSD-5 to allow application of partial ARMs and AAR (circuit design from Jim Marvin-University of Minnesota)
  • 0.2 T electromagnet and GM1A AML Hall probe to set field of electromagnet.
  • Sapphire Instruments SI-2 susceptibility meter
  • 3 Pomeroy diamond bit rock sampling drills and Pomeroy core orienter
  • ASC dual blade trim saw for sample preparation
  • Drill press for drilling oriented hand samples
  • dual-boot Intel iMac for data processing
  • Windows 7 Dell computer for data acquisition from the 2G magnetometer
sample image
Lehigh Paleomagnetism Laboratory
sample image
ASC Thermal Demagnetizer and KLY-3s Kappabridge in the Lehigh shielded room
sample image
2G Superconducting Magnetometer and working collection sample storage in the Lehigh shielded room